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This authentic Salma Hayek porn video leaked after her home in Mexico got robbed. There was a big story about demands from robbers after they realized what is on tape. But Salma wasn’t that popular in US back then, so this story didn’t get much attention. Luckily, she decided not to negotiate and Salma Hayek sex tape was released in late 1990s!

Salma Hayek Sex Tape

Porn video starts with hot Salma Hayek naked in the shower. Even that young she had big tits, and they take all the attention in first few minutes of this sex tape. That is until her ex-boyfriend joins the action. They shower together for a short time, before Salma gets down on her knees! She shows amazing blowjob skills here, as water is falling down her face. You can see that she was watching a lot of porn as young since her oral skills are impeccable! This video comes as no surprise as she describes similar event for NBC news in 2017. Then we see Salma Hayek having sex with this lucky guy! First standing from behind, and the reverse cowgirl style! We can show you just a short preview here, but you can see full video when you click green button at the end of this preview…

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