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We have a real treat for you guy, Ashley Judd naked sex scene was actually not staged at all! She really had sex with her acting partner for movie “Normal Life”! Its not rare for actors to have real sex for their movie scenes, but back in the days it was outrageous! After the director of this movie died, original UNCENSORED version of unstimulated sex scene was found in his archive.

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Besides her appearances in a lot of sex scenes, Ashley Judd had some photos while she was young. Where she did show some skin. But not a lot. And that is why her sex tape from earlier has great value for all of her fans! She is still hot, but she used to be really sexy young girl back in the days! This is why this section we dedicate to Ashley Judd sexy photos collection. Not big one, but enough to remind you of her early days!

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Lets start with Ashley Judd nude scenes compilation. You can read her full filmography at IMDB, so we don’t have to tell you why she is famous. We go straight to best part of her performance in mainstream movies. In first scene we see her wearing a blue shirt that hangs open to reveal her naked tits. As she talks on the phone and pulls a knife across her stomach. In 2nd scene we see Ashley Judd topless and sitting cross-legged on a bed as she points a gun to her head. Next scenes are all from Norma Jean & Marilyn movie. Where we get to see Ashley Judd naked all the time. She is showing her tits on every 10 min. of this movie. And in some of the scenes you can even see her pussy! And to finish this collection we have paparazzi clip of Ashley Judd getting into a car with Salma Hayek and flashing her naked tits while driving away.