Awesome Vida Guerra Booty In A Tiny Bikini

Vida Guerra bikini

You’ve got to give Vida Guerra credit, the girl obviously knows her best angle. Here she working her awesome booty in a tiny bikini while in South Beach. I don’t know what to say other than, I’d love to spend a few hour applying sunscreen on that thing because a badonkadonk that glorious needs to be protected from those dangerous UVA and UVB rays. So Vida, for your health and well being, call me! Enjoy this Vida Guerra bikini gallery.

Vida Guerra Booty In Tight Jeans

Vida Guerra jeans

I’m not used to see Vida Guerra in wearing so much clothing, but she still managed to give me what I want. Here is professional Twitter model and one of my favorite curvy celebrity babes giving us awesome look at her big booty in some tight jeans out the other day. I don’t believe that Vida Guerra nude does anything, other than maybe help thousands of teenage boys go blind, but I like the way she does it. Hot!

Vida Guerra Rock Hard Booty

I don’t normally find muscle chicks all that attractive, there’s something about a woman with bigger deltoids than me that I don’t like, but I’ve got to admit Vida Guerra’s new fitness body is working for me. Here she is showing off her new tight body at some sort of fitness competition the other day. I don’t know where she finished, but I like it, she’s got just the right amount of booty to boobage ratio for my taste. After seeing these shots I may have to hit the gym… If you know what I mean. Keep up the good work.

Vida Guerra Shows off Newly Toned Body

When I found these pictures of Vida Guerra she has tweeted yesterday I was pretty shocked,  a good way of course. I guess she was sick of just being considered just some chick with a nice big ass and decided to do something about it. And did she ever. Here are Vida Guerra’s perfect breasts all shined up and tucked into a tiny little bikini. I used to love Vida’s curvy body, but now that she’s lost some weight and gotten into incredible shape… I love it even more.

Vida Guerra Hot Ass In A Bikini

I’m not a big fan of huge ass, a lot more I like woman who are fit and take care of themselves.Earlier I wasn’t also big fan of Cuban model Vida Guerra,but now she looks absolutely gorgeous.So,here are some awesome shots of Vida Guerra hot little ass in a bikini hanging out poolside for Black Men Magazine.These shots are looking pretty damn hot and I have to say that now I really love her curves.Enjoy

Vida Guerra Big Bombshell Cleavage

Passed a long time since I last saw Vida Guerra and I don’t know what she is doing in her life…Here is Vida Guerra celebrating her 35th bday at the Vanguard Night Club in Los Angeles…Even though her face still looking pretty bad, you can guess that her body still looks like a real killer,regardless of all the plastic surgery! In her line of work, you gotta do what you gotta do in order to stay in the game.And she is still in the game.Enjoy