Blake Lively Nude Scandal Pictures

These days there are a lot of scandals related to one of my favorite hottie Blake Lively. First she is suddenly being ‘spotted’ with Leonardo DiCaprio leaving hotels with rumors of a secret tryst, and, now, these here are some Blake Lively leaked pictures appear… Coincidence? Promotional stunt…Fake or real? I really don’t know, but it seems that she will be even more famous and therefore take up a lot more place on my site. However, I always wanted to see Blake Lively nude and her bare beautiful breasts and judging by these pictures, they are perfect as I expected and as she is. Despite the “Gossip Girl” hottie rep’s earnest claims these photos are fake, readers are still sending in more images of ‘physical evidence’ like her nose and this picture where Blake Lively seen on the set of Gossip Girl with an iPhone. Although Apple has sold millions of these phones, that is considering like evidence in this case. Now, this is just getting silly, but fun… Anyhow, I want you to enjoy at least in the play about Blake Lively naked, truth or lie…

Blake Lively Sexy At Cannes

Blake Lively cannes

Here is another super hot comeback at the site… I’m not sure if you guys remember but back in 2009, Blake Lively was one of my favorite celebrity babes. A lot has changed since then: Blake got married to some douche, Gossip Girl is done and basically she has fallen off the grid. Well, here she is at the 67th Cannes Film Festival opening ceremony and looking just damn amazing. Enjoy.

Blake Lively Needs To Dump The Green Lantern

Blake Lively turbo

I’m starting to get a little worried about Blake Lively. We never used to go more than a couple weeks max without seeing Blake Lively cleavage or some hot pictures of her. But now that she’s married to the Green Lantern, she’s started covering up her best asset, like she’s doing here at the premiere of ‘Turbo’. So my advice to Blake is to get away from this dude as fast as you can. And when you finally break free from this douche, I’ll be waiting for you in my mom’s basement.

Blake Lively Sexy Photoshoot

Blake Lively set

Here are a few pictures of Blake Lively hot shooting a fashion spread for Lucky Magazine. Granted, it’s not quite the spread I was hoping for though. I thought these fashion magazines showed more skin, but however, I like what I see here. I think Blake Lively actually has found her calling. Drop the acting, focus on modeling. A photoshoot per day and an occasional videoshoot would be fantastic. Enjoy the photos.

Blake Lively Is Busting Out

Blake Lively busty

It seems that every hottie in Hollywood showed up to this thing called MET Gala, so here is Blake Lively and her big breasts busting out on the red carpet. Blake always seems to bring the goods and by goods, I mean cleavage. So it’s nice to see that hasn’t changed now that she’s a married woman. Let’s hope Blake keeps it up. Sooner or later she’s going to have to do some Blake Lively topless scene, if she wants to be taken seriously as an actress, she’s got to go topless. That’s not me talking, that’s just the way it is. I can’t wait.

Blake Lively Leggy At The Premiere

Blake Lively the croods

Here is Blake Lively in some sexy dress at the premiere for “The Croods” this past weekend, and, you know, looking uber hot and showing off her sexy long legs as well. But seriously, I’m a bit worried about her because I do not remember when I last had a picture of her and I don’t see any cleavage here. Now that she’s married to the Green Lantern, she’s started covering up her best asset. She should know better, remember Blake Lively nude pictures… Gifts like that are meant to be shared.