Bojana Novakovic Nude and Uncensored Sex Scenes

Serbian actress Bojana Novakovic is appears nude all the time. Firs time I heard of her was while watching some amazing sex scenes from TV show Shameless. And seeing Bojana performs in almost porn scenes in mainstream TV show got me courious. So I was on a hunt for all Bojana Novakovic naked and sex scenes I could find.

Naked Bojana Novakovic in Sex Scenes

Lets start with the best sex scene of this actress. She started with local movie Skinning (AKA Sisanje). Where we can see Bojana Novakovic nude on top of a guy in bed as she straddles him and he reaches up to squeeze her tits with while she sucks on his fingers. Then she reaches back between his legs and has sex with him. Bojana keeps riding him for a while until he sits up and she continues to bounce in his lap. While we do prefer something like leaked nudes of Jennifer Lawrence from fappening.

Next scene is from Malicious movie, where we see miss Novakovic having rough sex with a guy up against the back of a pickup truck as the rain pours down on them all while a guy spies on them from a second story window and she eventually looks up to stare at him while still having sex.

And then we have great sex video Burning Man where we see Bojana Novakovic staring off in some skimpy panties while she gets topless and does a nice striptease for a guy. We then see her having sex with him. Bojana is riding him as he reaches up to touch her breasts and she leans over to show a bit of her ass.

And we finally got to the scene that started my obsession with Bojana Novakovic nudes. Its a scene from Shameless tv show. We see her on top of a guy as they have sex on a railway line at night.

Bojana Novakovic naked having sex while riding a guy giving us a good look at her large breasts as Peta Sergeant ties his arms up and then has Bojana remove her bikini top to reveal her breasts and kisses Bojana’s chest until Peta’s phone starts beeping and she reaches over and grabs it and leaves all while Bojana and the guy call out to her as they continue having sex. From Satisfaction.

Bojana Novakovic stands topless while giving us a good look at her naked breasts. And we seen her in a Marilyn Monroe costume as she sits on a guy’s face and starts to breathe heavily as she cums…

Also one of my favorite forced sex scenes where we see Bojana Novakovic having a guy pull her panties down from under her skirt while in a changing room, and then bouncing in his lap as he has sex with her from behind.