Blake Lively Nude Leaked Photos and Porn Video [2021]

Alright ladies and gentlemen.. Let’s take a look at some Blake Lively nude photos that leaked online right after they were stolen from her personal iCloud! Blake Lively was just one of many Fappening stars.. But, she was definitely one of the hottest! Finally a really hot girl without any photoshop or plastic! Also, below, you fill find the Blake Lively porn video as well! So, just keep scrolling down and enjoy!

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Blake Lively Nude Leaked Photos

Alright ladies and gentlemen.. So first off we’re going to start off with the Blake Lively nude photos that I was mentioning above! And, as I have already told you, these photos were a product of Fappening, so they are quite old! And, there’s a bright side to that actually! And that is because they’re so old, there wasn’t any photoshopping, and we know that Blake Lively is all natural, meaning no botox or implants or anything.. So, enjoy in this all natural blonde!

Also, I suggest you to take a look at another one of our natural blondes, Claire Abbott and her nudes! She’s not as pretty as Blake, but she does have better tits!

Blake Lively Porn Video – Blowjob Sex Tape is now Online

As promised, I am now going to show you the Blake Lively porn video that I was talking about at the beginning! Here it is! She’s sucking some guy’s cock! Well, I’m thinking it could be her husband, Ryan Reynolds, because the couple is happily married since like 2012.. But who knows, maybe the video is older and it’s some other guy’s dick! Anyways, that’s not our business, so click on the green button at the end of the preview to watch the full Blake Lively porn video online for free!

Blake Lively Hot and Sexy Pictures

Check this out folks! After we’ve all seen the naked private content this blonde had to give us.. I think it’s time to now take a look at some Blake Lively hot photos that aren’t so private! These are mostly paparazzi shots from some red carpet events, and Blake Lively look stunning!

Blake Lively is Busting Out

Blake Lively busty

It seems that every hottie in Hollywood showed up to this thing called MET Gala, so here is Blake Lively and her big breasts busting out on the red carpet. Blake always seems to bring the goods and by goods, I mean cleavage. So it’s nice to see that hasn’t changed now that she’s a married woman. Let’s hope Blake keeps it up. Sooner or later she’s going to have to do some Blake Lively topless scene, if she wants to be taken seriously as an actress, she’s got to go topless. That’s not me talking, that’s just the way it is. I can’t wait.

Blake Lively Cleavage On The Set

Here is Blake Lively giving us a great look at her perfect cleavage while she films scenes for that Gossip Girl crap on a scooter yesterday. Man she’s gorgeous. Seriously, who watches that thing? Anyhow, I’m not exactly the kind of guy who enjoys a scooter ride, but if Blake wants to go for a ride I’m all for it…

Blake Lively is Just Perfection

I think you guys already know how much I love Blake Lively, so another set of her pictures shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Here she is at a celebration for Chanel Fine Jewelry’s 80th anniversary, and I guess Blake’s probably showing off her ring. Yes, she is married now… To be honest though, my eyes haven’t made it that far down yet. Give me a minute. I’ll get there eventually.

Blake Lively Sexy in Her Bikini Top

You know how much I love this summer time and all my favorite celebrity babes in their little bikinis. Every day I try to have at least one celebrity bikini gallery on my site, but I must admit that I am a bit disappointed because I have not seen still any Blake Lively bikini pictures. No matter how desperate I want to see her hanging out in some sexy two piece bikini, this is the best I found. Here she is filming a scene from some new movie wearing a cute little sundress and what looks to be  bikini top under her tank top. I like it, but if I were directing this thing I think I’d lose the tank top and replace the sundress with some short shorts… and probably without the bikini top in this situation. However, Blake Lively is too damn sexy to blame her for anything. Enjoy!

Blake Lively Perfect Boobs Pop Out

Here is Gossip Girl at the jewelry collection launch party in NYC in her superhot dress showing off her killer legs, bodacious curves and amazing cleavage. I haven’t yet compiled my list of Most Amazing Red Carpet Cleavage ,but it seems to me that Blake Lively could be at the top of the list because it always amazing how this girl can work her boobs, she should give classes to most other women on the planet. She definitely knows how to takes those amazing guns of hers and manages to squeeze and push them just right.

Vogue may have their definition of “Best Dressed”, but my definition is that she dresses up nice….but, undressing would be preferable with this super hot chick. Enjoy the stylish hotness, and try not to drool all over yourselves!

Blake Lively Nude and Sex Scenes

Here are all of my favorite Blake Lively nude, sex and sexy scenes! For every one, I will tell you the short plot of it and from which movie is it! Enjoy folks!

“All  I See Is You”

The first few scenes are from a film called “All I See Is You.” We see Blake Lively in this scene in a montage of her having sex with some man in bed, while they’re having sex, revealing a side boob while on her back under him. In one shot, we momentarily see Blake topless from a distance, in a sea of bodies in a dream-like sequence!

The next scene is from the same film as the above one. We see Blake in this scene as she shows her bare back as she’s riding on a bed with a guy while having sex with him, seen from behind and from the side. We can also see a side boob, a hint of a breast, as she leans over him. The sheets are tied around her hips and we just don’t see any bare buttocks!


“The next scene is from the “Savages” film. Hot blonde u adore, this movie’s Blake Lively porn scene is here! Enjoy watching and loving the hot Blake fucking a man, moaning and making me tough! U, you can see a lot of nudity!

“The Town”

Today’s next and last scene is from a film called “The Town.” Check out this movie’s fantastic hot scene, where you can see popular blonde actress Blake Lively doing out with popular Ben Affleck too! Two Hollywood names in front of the historic scene are free of charge! There’s lots of cleavage and a little nudity here!

Blake Lively Sex Scenes Compilation Video

And now folks, for the end.. Here is a compilation of all the Blake Lively naked, sex and hot scenes from above! They’re all combined in just one video, so just press play and enjoy!