Carla Gallo Nude and Sex Scenes & Photos [2021]

Are you ready to see Carla Gallo nude? Then check this out folks! Today I have prepared for you something a little different! Here are all of the best Carla Gallo nude and sex scenes all combined in just one video compilation! Also, the collection of her hot photos as well as two of the Carla Gallo nudes, but sorry to disappoint you – they’re fake.. Anyways guys, just keep scrolling down and enjoy in what I have prepared for you!

Leaked Porn Of Carla Gallo at home

I think that she should have done a better job of creating this celebrity porn video if her goal was to get some attention. She just placed the camera above her head while getting fucked by some fat rich guy. And she is claiming that it’s not her on this porn tape. The oldest trick in the book. But this sex tape is actually worth watching.

Carla Gallo Nude and Sex Scenes

Here are all of the Carla Gallo nude and sex scenes that I have been mentioning above! Some of these are from the famous TV show called ‘Californication’, and we’ve already shown a scene from that series in our collection of Brooke Banner nude photos collection! So make sure to check that out!


Since I was mentioning this show, I think it’s only fair that we start on the scenes from there!

In the first scene, we see Carla Gallo as she’s straddling some fat bald dude in bed! She’s fully naked, but we see Carla Gallo topless as they have sex until she turns onto her back. Her breasts clear until someone rings the landline andand it puts an end to it!

Here is our next and sadly, the last scene from ‘Californication’. In this scene, we see Carla Gallo nude fully as she opens up a robe under which she’s not wearing anything! Her naked body was seen by that bald fat dude, who was her husband, and that woman who’s standing. Turns out that woman is a porn producer, and so I’m hoping Carla Gallo did one behind the scenes of the series!

The next scene is a bit more interesting where we see Carlo Gallo kneeling on a bed, taking off her dress to reveal her tits and sexy panties. Then we see her topless next to a fat old guy for a while before she ends up on top of him and kissing him while he puts his hands on her ass.


Here are a few scenes from the Tv series called ‘Carnivale’!

In the first scene we see Carla and Cynthia Ettinger as they dance together and lift their tops to expose their breasts! Carla Gallo wears an apron that hides her nipples while she and Cynthia Ettinger dance together and then dance even more as the audience cheers them on during the striptease show!

Here is the next and last naked and sex scene from our dear Carla Gallo! This scene is also from the ‘Carnivale’ TV show. In this scene Carla Gallo is blonde, and her brunette friend is Clea DuVall. The two are lesbian kissing while being totally naked! as Clea is kissing Carla’s stomach and her left nipple! The two suddenly stop!

’40 Year Old Virgin’

She also appears in 40 years old virgin movie. Here Carla Gallo is showing some cleavage in sexy lingerie as she leans over a guy, crawling backward across a bed toward a guy’s feet to give them some licking, before she gets hit in her nose and bleeds to death… I just had to write this…

Carla Gallo Nudes – fakes

Here are the above mentioned Carla Gallo nudes! And don’t blame me if you didn’t read my comments and just take a look at the photos and get disappointed! Because I’ve mentioned it more than once that these Carla Gallo nudes are fake! For those of you who have listened, enjoy! Just keep scrolling down and take a closer look at Carla Gallo’s face attached to a tight body with nice big and firm tits!

Carla Gallo Hot Pics Collection

Here guys, is the collection of the photos that I was talking about! So, I decided to keep it for the end, as they really are a nice plus for the content that you’ve seen above! So guys, here’s a random collection of some Carla Gallo hot photos! Just keep scrolling down and enjoy!