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Brooke Banner Short Biography

Brooke Banner is one tall and rough chick with whom you don’t want to fuck, unless you plan to mess around with her cunt, of course, before you deliver her to the forces of mass orgasmic eruption! She’s a solid blonde girl with fire in her veins, desire in her loins, and a phenomenal capacity to take a huge dick down her throat without blinking an eyelash. Brooke started out in the organization as a teenage teen starlet dying to please. She upped her game big time as she grew older, smarter, and way more seasoned by being armed with an amazing set of knockers that would leave you on your knees and begging to bury your face in them. Her boobs are so roaring, you might think she’s got a subwoofer in there, from the ground-shaking force they’re showing off. If Brooke doesn’t have a convenient dick to get cool and dirty with, since she loves the ladies as well as the dudes, she’s equally able to get cozy in a hot snatch. But what makes this wonder babe happy really is a fun banging party session with plenty of twat and cock to go around. She has awards in numerous dirty genres, from sex scenes for all-girls, to being the best oral queen around. Without bragging about becoming a top-performing slut star like Brooke, you don’t get credits in almost 500 porno flicks.

Brooke Banner Porn Video

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Brooke Banner Nude Photos

Alright guys, so I’ve mentioned that I have some Brooke Banner nude photos for you.. And since I always keep my promises, here are the nudes! Not all of these are private pics but there are some that are! So folks, just keep scrolling down and enjoy!

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Brooke Banner Topless Scene from ‘Californication’

Brooke Banner was a natural big-boobs blonde, but now, she is a huge-plastic-boobs blonde! She implanted implants in her breasts and became the member of Boobpedia – Encyclopedia of big boobs!

So folks, in tribute to what she once was, I am now going to show you a Brooke Banner topless scene from the famous TV show ‘Californication’!