Stacy Keibler Drops Some Classy Hotness


Stacy Keibler white dress

Here is Stacy Keibler at the grand opening of the Escada flagship store, whatever that is, looking all classy and nice again. I know some might argue that Stacy Keibler hot babe shouldn’t really be qualified as a celebrity anymore, I can’t think of anything she’s done in the last decade, but I’ve always had a thing for this woman so I have to keep posting pictures of her. I complain a lot only that ever since Stacy has been dating George, she no longer wears sexy outfits. This is the sexiest she gets and even though she looks beautiful, I know that there’s a slutty girl inside of her dying to put on some booty shorts and work it like she used to in the WWE. At least that’s what I think and hope!

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