Victoria Beckham Sexy Comeback

If you spent like five hours watching the closing ceremonies of the London Olympics yesterday, you probably saw the Spice Girls get back together…. Again. The ladies did their thing on top of moving taxi cabs, all of them looking better now than they did when they were popular. I liked it. Here’s Victoria Beckham showing off her sweet skinny body as she shakes it for the crowd. I’ve missed her.

Victoria Beckham See Through Top

Victoria Beckham see thru
Here’s Victoria Beckham wearing a sorta see through top in Heathrow Airport. If this was a year ago, I’d be in heaven gawking at her Frankenstein–like funbags, but now they’re gone and I have to figure what else to write about… Her hair? Her shoes? I have no clue… It’s all very disappointing.

Victoria Beckham Sexy Leather Boots

Victoria Beckham boots
Now that Victoria Beckham has had her big fake boobs reduced I feel like I’ve lost a little of my lust for her. I look at her the way a dog who’s had his nuts removed looks at a leg, it’s just not the same any more. Here’s she is at Fashion’s Night Out in a dress that could desperately use some filling out. Is it possible that she looks even skinnier now with the smaller boobs? At least she’s wearing some sweet hooker boots that might even excite that neutered dog. Poor doggy.