Tara Reid Looks Good In A Bikini

I really hate to admit it, but Tara Reid actually looks pretty good in these bikini shots. There I said it. Ok, obviously her face is still pretty fucking rotten, but that body is looking tight. No more saggy belly skin and her fake breasts look like they’ve kind of been sorted out. I’d have a half dozen beers and then hit on this chick any day. How can she still afford to be traveling around Europe hanging out on the beach and partying all the time? She must have a rich boyfriend. Don’t chicks go topless in Europe?

Tara Reid Sexy For Loaded Magazine

I haven’t seen Tara Reid in a long time, I just assumed that she’d be one of the blondes in some billionaire Saudi sheik’s permanently drunk harem by now, so I’m a little surprised to see her looking this good. I should rephrase that, I’m surprised to see her looking this good for Tara Reid. That makes more sense. Here she is on the cover of Loaded magazine posing in a little bikinis and other sexy little outfits… Can she really still be considered a celebrity? I think at this point she’s just that chick with the messed up breast implant. Speaking of which, show us your boobs.

Tara Reid Naughty Birthday Party

I do not remember the last time I put pictures of Tara Reid, so here are some from her birthday party.I do not know old she is and don’t care.Obvious thing in these pictures is that she become a real trash,she looks like she has had a big night on the rack.Somewhat reminds me of Lindsay Lohan in the worst days before her arrest.So,I wonder how come we’ve never seen Tara and Lindsay in the same room together?However,the one thing I’m not sure here…if I see another Tara Reid nipple slip in the first picture?If I see, I’m glad,because its nice to see that her franken-nipple has made an apperance again.

Tara Reid Upskirt Pictures

I do not know what Tara Reid is doing these days and how does she obtain money,is she a prostitute now or how she makes the celeb list in St. Tropez….but I know that she is the same party girl who doesn’t need a reason for accidental flashes.This Tara Reid upskirt pictures is pretty much an instant classic and could easily be her yearbook photo in the Almanac of Trashed Celebrities.The only thing I don’t clearly,where is Tara Reid sex tape at?Everyone else has one, Tara has to have out there….