Sofia Vergara Busts Out Her Massive Cleavage

Sofia Vergara Chef premiere

Here’s the uber hot Sofia Vergara doing what she does best at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of her new movie “Chef”, and as you definitely know and can already clearly see, what she does best is unleash her bodacious curves and hotness, and especially her massive cleavage. Still one of the top five “cleavage queens” in Hollywood. Hell, on the planet. Alright, alright, enough nonsense. Enjoy the show!

Never Get Enough Of Sofia Vergara Hotness

Sofia Vergara 20th Annual SAG Awards

Like I said, I just never get enough of Sofia Vergara hotness, so here she is showing her hot curves at the 20th Annual SAG Awards in LA. In case you were too busy watching football and abusing your liver, it was the SAG Awards few days ago, which I wouldn’t really care about except for the fact that they invited Sofia Vergara. See, that’s the one guaranteed way for an event to get my attention: some Sofia Vergara cleavage and booty shots. So to all the event planners out there, if you want your ceremony or awards show covered on this site, it’s simple, I don’t want any money, all you need to do is invite Sofia and her funbags.

Sofia Vergara Brings Her Boobs To The Golden Globes

Sofia Vergara cleavage at the Golden Globes Awards

Here is Sofia Vergara busting out some pretty great cleavage, just like she does at every awards show at the 71st Annual Golden Globes. It’s a shame Sofia only gets invited to the TV stuff though. If you ask me, she needs to work on expanding her resume to movies, and music or Broadway or something, so we can start seeing her at more of these things. I’m telling you, those award-worthy funbags could liven up any major ceremony. Enjoy the view!

Sofia Vergara Bikini Booty On Instagram

Sofia Vergara bikini

Here’s bodacious mama Sofia Vergara enjoying a sunny day at the beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico the other day, and even though she’s mostly covered up in the majority of the photos, she’s still busting outsome bikini cleavage and her groovy stems. Now I have to mention, here we have some Sofia Vergara Instagram pics, but the rest are from the “professionals,” AKA the paparazzi. Notice any difference? That’s right, there’s not one single booty shot, or a picturethat’s even half as good as the one Sofia posted herself. And it’s not the first time this happened either. So the paps better start doing their job better, or I’m going to have to cut out the middleman and go straight to the source. Actresses always know their best angles. Enjoy the view!

Sofia Vergara Red Hot Cleavage

Sofia Vergara cleavage at the 65th Annual Emmy Awards

As expected, Sofia Vergara cleavage killed it on the red carpet! It’s not easy to pull off a dangerously low-cut red dress but Sofia’s not exactly your average 41-year-old woman! Now I guess Sofia Vergara was pissed that she didn’t win our award for best Emmys cleavage last year, because once she busted out the big guns at the 65th annual Emmys last night, nobody else even had a shot. Which kinda makes it like the real awards show: everybody knows who’s going to win, so the rest is just a formality. Enjoy the view!

Sofia Vergara Body Is Incredible

Sofia Vergara boobs

There’s a lot of crappy things about September, it starts getting cold again, which means fewer pictures of hotties in bikinis and short shorts. But it’s not all bad, because it also means that fall TV starts back up again, which means a steady supply of Sofia Vergara boobage on Modern Family. So consider this a public service announcement to remember to set your DVR. This episode looks like it’s going to be a good one.

Sofia Vergara Busts Some Hot Cleavage

Sofia Vergara cleavage

Here’s Sofia Vergara prancing around on the set of her new movie “Chef”, and showing off her killer hourglass figure and busting out her insanely sexy curves in one hell of a tight blue dress while doing so…  Sometimes it’s easy to take Sofia Vergara for granted, but watching her go to work here on the set, she is reminding me what a great double threat she is. And by that, I don’t mean that she does both TV and movies. I mean that she’s got a great set of funbags and an amazing booty. And thanks to the tight green dress she’s wearing in this scene, we get to enjoy both in one post. Enjoy the view!