Shauna Sand Busts Out The Goods

Shauna Sand cleavage

Due to the fact that Shauna Sand said that she does not want you to judge her by her looks and what she is doing, other than just the woman she is on the inside, I’m pretty sure you can almost see the inside of her in the revealing dress she wore. Here she is in a night out at Katsuya restaurant, flashing nearly both her inner personalities to the public in some hot cleavage busting dress. I know she’s trashy and her face is pretty rotten looking, but I’d still like to go a few rounds with her. I know I’m not the only one. Enjoy the view!


Shauna Sand Busty Bikini Pictures

Shauna Sand bikini

Here is former Playboy model, porn star and aging cougar Shauna Sand on the beach in her bikini and stripper heels. Classy!I really don’t know how she’s able to walk in heels on the sand. I can’t even walk barefoot without almost falling over. In fact, most surprises me that, given all that plastic, with so much work done to her face and body I do not know how the sun does not cause her to melt. Anyway, I know I’m not exactly her biggest fan, but I wonder if Shauna would be up for posing for a few pictures with me. I finally got my bed set up just right. Enjoy this busty Shauna Sand bikini gallery!

Shauna Sand Busts Out Fake Cleavage

Shauna Sand cleavage

If you’ve been to this site before, even just once, you know how much a like fake breasted chicks without any talent or prospects. Especially if they’re in a trashy outfit or bathing suit. Here’s queen of do nothing busty chicks, Shauna Sand nude out somewhere in some see through dress busting out massive cleavage. It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything from Shauna Sand, she must have had an outbreak ofcold sores or something along those lines, but she’s back and up to her old tricks. I know she’s trashy and her face is pretty rotten looking, but I’d still like to go a few rounds with her. I know I’m not the only one.

Shauna Sand Blowjob And Sex In Public

Here is Shauna Sand nude caught with some dude on vacation in St. Barts having sex and giving him a blowjob… I can’t really decide if I’m aroused or slightly disgusted but maybe there is a little bit of both going on. I love a woman who wants to bang in public but not sure if I want that woman to be Shauna Sand. She of course released a Shauna Sand sex tape which was more like a planned porn via Vivid not long ago so maybe she is prepping for a sequel?! However, I’ll respectfully keep my own honest any other commentary to myself on this one…

Shauna Sand Nasty Halloween

Once again Shauna Sand shows us how nasty she is.Here she is shopping for pumpkins for their annual Halloween tidings,you would probably think that this is just another day at the pumpkin patch.But,you should be aware that this woman is one of slutty chicks who is walking around in stripper heels and doing all those nasty things you want to see from the girls.She is just straight up trash, I kinda like it,but it’s just too bad that her face is so rotten.However,enjoy in theese Shauna Sand hot gallery.

Shauna Sand Big Boobs Splashing Around In The Ocean

Here is one of the biggest piece of Hollywood trash Shauna Sand hanging out in her little bikini at the beach with her boyfriend in Miami.Actually, the bikini is probably just your standard issue bikini size, but her fake boobs are so big that they make it look so small.As much as annoys me this useless whore I must admin that she has great body except her flat ass and as long as her big fake boobs splashing around in the ocean she will be on my site.Enjoy

Shauna Sand Bikini Pics

Here is slutty Shauna Sand doing what she does best except to recording sex tape,sun on the beach in a little bikini with her girls and new young boy-toy.I have to specify that she used to be every day with other douche because that’s the only thing she seems to be somewhat famous for, that and her natural good looks of course. How is this woman not a stripper? In any case, I like skinny chicks in bikinis with massive fake tits and sunglasses that cover up their true age so I’m posting them anyway. Enjoy.