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Sharon Stone Drops Some Sexy Cougar Cleavage

Here are some pictures of Sharon Stone at an event for Milan’s Fashion Week looking very well for a woman her ages. Isn’t she 60 or something and senile? I have no clue what she did to herself, but she’s now a very sexy cougar with some impressive breasts. Even her face looks good. Good job.

Sharon Stone Nude Shower Sex Scene

Sharon Stone first making out with a guy beside and on a bed, the guy pulling her dress up to reveal her stockings and garters. We then see Sharon Stone nude in a love scene with the guy in a shower, first standing up and then on the tile floor. From The Specialist. Play Sharon Stone Sex Video <

Sharon Stone Topless Shots From Magazine

Sharon Stone topless
Here are Sharon Stone topless pictures in the new issue of Paris Match. She does look pretty good though….At least we know they didn’t have to Photoshop here breasts…