Selena Gomez Looks Ridiculously Hot

Selena Gomez at Variety's unite4:humanity

Here’s Selena Gomez looking like an adorable little minx at last night’s Unite4: Humanity event in Los Angeles, and showing off a little bit of chest action to boot. Hey, a little bit goes a long way when it comes to Selena. Or, you know, anyone other babe as well. Anyways, she looks freaking hot and absolutely stunning from head to toe, so… enjoy!

Selena Gomez Hot Legs In Short Shorts

Selena Gomez sexy legs show

Here’s hot Selena Gomez leaving a restaurant and dropping everyone’s jaw while doing so thanks to one hell of a drool-inducing display of her sexy stems in flimsy little shorts. That is hands down one of Selena’s sexiest appearances to date. Hell, that’s one of the sexiest leg shows I’ve ever drooled over! And the rest of her is drop dead sexy as well, so stop reading this and enjoy the shwing-fest!

Selena Gomez In Hot Groovy Tight Jeans

Selena Gomez tight jeans

Here is Selena Gomezprancing around Encino yesterday afternoon in a pair of groovy tight mom jeans that are doing one hell of a drool-inducing job of showing off her sexy legs, and her bodacious little curves. Unlike other blogs, I try not to follow any of that gossip crap, since I like to focus on the actually important stuff. You know, like cleavage and leggings pictures. But sometimes I can’t escape it. And word on the street is Selena Gomez is dressing sexier these days to make that teenage lesbian she used to date jealous or something dumb like that. Damn, and here I thought she was doing it for me. Anyway, I guess I don’t really care why Selena’s looking hotter as long as she keeps it up. So without further ado, enjoy!

Selena Gomez Shows Some Cleavage

Selena Gomez cleavage

Some may still see Selena Gomez as the teen Disney starlet. I see (and lust and yearn for) Selena Gomez as the 21-year old getting all grown up but quickly young woman who is getting more and more sextastic by the day. I suppose it started with her turn in Spring Breakers, despite playing the innocent one in the film, she sure did bare a lot of skin.  Here is Selena Gomez showing off some cleavage as part of her mature persona at Beats Music Launch Party in LA along with her friend Ashley Benson. I like it. Enjoy the view!

Selena Gomez Hot Booty On Stage

Selena Gomez booty on stage

Here is hot Selena Gomez booty performing at the halftime show at the Raiders/Cowboys game the other day. And here’s what you missed: one hell of a booty show, and a bunch of confused Texans wondering why the hell they got Selena Gomez to perform at an NFL game. I mean, I obviously approve, but I’m sure most guys were like WTF! Still, from all us perverts out there, thanks NFL! Enjoy the view!

Selena Gomez Busts Some Seriously Sexy Cleavage

Selena Gomez cleavage

Now that Selena Gomez had her first grown-up photoshoot, she celebrated by busting out some serious cleavage at the Flaunt Magazine November Issue Party. And in fact, I think these pictures might be even better than the ones that they ran in the magazine. Is it too late to swap them out or shoot a re-do? If they need a dude to lay next to Selena in bed again, I’d be happy to volunteer. It’s pretty much my dream job. Enjoy the view!

Selena Gomez Sexy Lingerie For Flaunt Magazine

Selena Gomez Flaunt Magazine

Here’s Selena Gomez looking like a sexy little minx and busting out her plentiful cleavage in skimpy lingerie for the newest issue of Flaunt magazine! Oh yeah, these are by far Selena’s sultriest photos yet, eh? And the fact that she’s starting to do lingerie photoshoots and unleash her killer cleavage makes her future even more bright and drool-inducing. And she’s pulling off that short hairdo pretty damn shwingtastically as well.  Enjoy the photos!