Rachel Bilson Booty In Bikini

Rachel Bilson bikini by the pool

Well, hello there, completely unexpected but assuredly blessed Rachel Bilson bikini pictures. Where have you been Rachel and what have you been up to? Actress and sexy person Rachel Bilson took a break from her busy schedule to lounge poolside in a tiny bikini. Rachel was in Cancun on vacation when these pics were snapped. Her bikini leaves little to the imagination, which is good because my imagination isn’t that great anyway. Her booty is like a pint of ice cream, firm and fully packed but creamy and silky smooth. Seeing Rachel must have been a welcome surprise for all of the cheapskates vacationing in Cancun at the discount off-season rate.  Enjoy the view!

Rachel Bilson Gets Leggy At The Premiere

Rachel Bilson leggy

I’ve always liked Rachel Bilson, and we never seem to see enough of her these days, so I was glad to find these sexy pictures of her at the LA premiere of her new movie “The To Do List”.  I mean, it’s not a see-through dress or anything like that, but it’s still a pretty good leg show. But then I read that Rachel plays the slutty older sister in the movie. In which case, shouldn’t she be showing more skin here? I think it’s finally time to add “get naked” in her “to do list”.

Rachel Bilson Bikini Pictures

Rachel Bilson barbados

I’m not a teenage girl so I absolutely hate this expression but… OMG!!! Rachel Bilson is in a bikini!!! Here she is busting out her wicked little curves, and groovy booty, and cleavage while vacationing in Barbados in a tiny little bikini. I’ve been waiting for pictures like this for a really long time, I’ve paid my dues, I’ve put in my time staring at shots of her walking around with her coffee and her stupid hipster sunglasses so i deserve these Rachel Bilson bikini shots. The girl is incredible, I think I’ve fallen in love with her all over again. I didn’t think that was possible. Perfection.

Rachel Bilson Bikini Body Is Awesome

Whenever I get a chance to post picture of Rachel Bilson in short shorts or in jeans and especially when she’s in a bikini, I’m all over it. Here she is rocking a hot little black bikini showing off her awesome figure at the beach the other day. I don’t know if she’s still working as an actress, I haven’t seen her in anything in years, but if she needs a job as a bikini clad personal assistant to a half assed blogger I know a position that needs to be filled. Call me.

Rachel Bilson Perfect Girl For Me

Here is my girl Rachel Bilson walking down the street yesterday in a low cut tank top that’s showing off her sweet cleavage and in a pair of short shorts that are showing off her sexy long legs and looking, well looking like she always does… hot as hell! I love this chick, I wish I was walking with her, I’d hold that bags for her like a good boyfriend, because she would be the perfect girl for me… I’ll pretty much do anything she wants me to. Just ask me. Pretty please.

Rachel Bilson Hot Bikini Pics

We all already know that Rachel Bilson is hot piece of ass, but usually we have a chance to see her walking around with her coffe and stupid hipster sunglasses so we deserve something like this. If you’re wanted to see some Rachel Bilson wet and lovely bikini pictures, this will be enough to fall in love with her again like I am. Here are some Rachel Bilson bikini candid pictures while she vacationing in Barbados and frolicking in the ocean in her bikini like some sort of ocean nymph. This little tiny body is so hot and Rachel Bilson nipples are so hard that leaving me speechless. I think that if I had any female readers, these shots would be turning them into lesbians, at lest while looking at these pictures. Unfortunately Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson are still together, so I have some pictures where he is also soaking wet and in a few of the photos, but even that can’t stop me from enjoying the hell out of Rachel’s hot thighs in a bikini.

Rachel Bilson Cute Package

I love to see Rachel Bilson candidas pictures and watching her walk around in her jeans,short shorts or some hot bikini pictures,but this is how she’s meant to be seen.Rachel Bilson dressed up in a long animal dress and her little cleavage looking like a cute package at designer Roberto Cavalli’s 40th anniversary shindig in Paris.I think it’s time she does a movie and to see all her hotness in one place.

Rachel Bilson Bends Over In Short Shorts

Here is Rachel Bilson hanging out in a sweet pair of denim short shorts and high heels looking absolutely amazing.Rachel clearly wanted this to be her Summer ’10 swan song, and decided to give us one hell of a booty shot as a send off, as you can clearly drool over in the top photo…I like it.She drop her purse just at the right time so we could get some amazingly hot photo.She has great pair of legs and hot ass.I want pictures from the guy standing behind her as she’s bending over to pick up her purse.