Pamela Anderson Hotness By Mario Testino Photoshoot

Pamela Anderson mario testino

I haven’t done a post on Pamela Anderson in a long time because she’s not much of a celebrity anymore these days, but she obviously needs the money, and her funbags still look great. So, here are some amazing shots of her from new Mario Testino photoshoot. Looks like vintage Pam and I’m loving it. Clearly, I’ve got to hire whoever did the Photoshopping. I could really use his expertise before my next high school reunion… Delicious.

Pamela Anderson In Short Shorts

It’s been a while since I’ve had any pictures of Baywatch bombshell Pamela Anderson, so I decided to post these pictures of her prancing around in her short shorts and showing us a little peak of her little booty. Maybe it’s the oversized sunglasses, maybe the Hello Kitty t-shirt, the short shorts, or just the endless Malibu summer, but am I hallucinating again or does Pamela Anderson look pretty darn good here? Judge for yourself

Pamela Anderson Lingerie Photoshoot

Last few years I did not have anything noteworthy on the site when it comes to Pamela Anderson, the only thing we could see are shots of her walking around with her kids, occasional bikini pictures or some slutty drunk candidas. So, I wouldn’t have thought I’d ever be posting pictures of Pamela Anderson in her lingerie again, she’s pretty old now, but it looks like I was wrong. Here’s the busty blond bombshell showing off her still impressive body in some sexy stoking and lingerie photoshoot. I do not want to talk about how many shares had Photoshop here, I just don’t want to spoil such a good impression, which left this picture of me. In any case, it was nice to recall the good old days. Enjoy

Pamela Anderson Is Still Queen Of Cleavage

Here is Pamela Anderson at the premiere of some movie and giving us great view at what made her famous in the first place.I must say that I missed her and all that things.I know that she is now quite old and I thought that this story is over, but her big tits still look damn good as the first day when she became famous.I’m just not ready to let them go…Enjoy in this Pamela Anderson big boobs gallery.

Pamela Anderson And Her Big Drunk Nipples

This is something that I would like to have seen 20 years ago and it would be the hottest thing we can imagine,Baywatch babe busting out drunk in some hot little dress…But back in reality,here is Pamela Anderson and her big nipples drunk in tight little dresss but far from the hottest thing I’m talking about.Present Pam needs a shower and some talcum powder and that’s the only comment I can give to this.Enjoy the fat!!!