Naomi Campbell And Cassie Ventura

Some milliners are just lucky, imagine yourself on 10Mil dollars yacht with two supermodels taking a sunbath in bikinis and giving you blowjob whenever your dick can get hard! in my case with Naomi and Cassie that would be every hour. Take a look at the rest of photos and just close your eyes!

Naomi Campbell Bikini

Naomi Campbell bikini
Here’s Naomi Campbell in Miami the other day showing off her former supermodel body in a nice little orange bikini. She still looks pretty hot , I’d let her take me out for drinks and who knows, but I’m pretty easy. I don’t know If I’m her type anyway. Although she seems to have a thing for white dudes in boxer shorts so I may have a chance. That is if mother ever lets me out of this basement.

Naomi Campbell Nipples

Naomi Campbell nipples
Here’s Naomi Campbell on the runway at the Chapurin fashion show during the Paris Fashion Week, and yes, those are Naomi Campbell’s nipples. She will still get her nipples out in a see-through dress in front of hundreds of people, and the world press. It’s just good to know that the fame and money hasn’t gone to her head.