Lady Gaga Topless In See Through Dress

Lady Gaga nipples in see through dress

Lady Gaga is currently on a promotional tour of Europe in support of her forthcoming album “ARTPOP” showing off a variety of new and improved strange costumes. She stepped out into the streets of Berlin, barefoot in some kind of crazy woman in a mental hospital see-through gown without a bra as she climbed a wall and saluted a statue. It’d just be hard not to notice. Which I suppose is the point. Let Berlin see your bare funbags and sell some records! Enjoy the view!

Lady Gaga Naked On Stage

Lady Gaga nude on stage

Lady Gaga stripped off all her clothes at the G-A-Y nightclub in London. She did kind of run backstage immediately, preventing cameras from capturing her bare boob and mostly capturing her bare cheeks. I’m told the nightclub attendees were mostly gay men who used the evening to assure themselves that women are gross and cocks rule. If Lady Gaga nude had turned around to face the crowd she might have provided them a visual conundrum. Nevertheless, most pop divas still don’t take off all their clothes onstage last I remember. Even Miley hasn’t tried that yet, I’m not sure if this is a sign of desperation or just Lady Gaga loving to be nekkid in public, or, you know, quite possibly both. Enjoy the view!

More Lady Gaga Nakedness From V Magazine

Lady Gaga nude in V Magazine

We had a preview picture a couple weeks ago of perhaps the world’s current most prolific body exposer, Lady Gaga. Now, a closer look, on the pages of V magazine at the first lady of flashing her tits and almost giving away the entire goose. Say what you will about Lady Gaga, from the good to the not so good, but you can’t take away her willingness to show off a ton of skin for the cameras. There aren’t many major celebrities exposing themselves thusly. Like, almost none. So, I’ll let you to enjoy this hot Lady Gaga nude gallery!

Lady Gaga Bare Ass In A G-String

Lady Gaga bare ass on stage

So the craziness you’re looking at right now is Lady Gaga flashing her bare booty in a g-string on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards the other day. I’ll say this for Lady Gaga, she’s not shy. I guess that’s another term for really wanting attention. So I needed  to show you Lady Gaga ass cheeks, a woman smart enough to understand that her compelling content lies mostly beneath her clothes, so a shocking exhibition of skin is an absolute must to draw attention. Especially on a night where Miley Cyrus is twerking away on Robin Thicke and fingering herself with a massive foam digit. I suppose it’s a talent. I guess I was looking, so it works. Enjoy the view!

Lady Gaga See Through Bodysuit

Lady Gaga see through

I have a really hard time saying that Lady Gaga is attractive, one look at her face will say otherwise, but the chick sure knows how to wear some provocative outfits. Here she is wearing some see through bodysuit and giving us a good look at her hot booty in thong. I can’t believe I am going to say this but for the first time Lady Gaga porn is bangable. Damn that booty is working wonders on me. I think it’s causing a pant fire. I better ease up on the friction. I know that this is a “bad romance” and I’m very confused. I need some cold water…

Lady Gaga Nude For V Magazine

Lady Gaga nude v magazine

I’ve never been a fan of Lady Gaga, so I don’t do many posts on her, but looking at this picture of her made me realize something: yeah, I’m still not a fan, but the girl has hot body. Here is Lady Gaga naked posing in V Magazine. See, it’s hot because it doesn’t look like her in the slightest. So congratulations to V Magazine, you win the award for Best Photoshop of the Year.

Lady Gaga Bikini Booty Show

A few days ago I had some Lady Gaga topless bikini pictures from Rio and today the booty show continues. Here is Lady Gaga did some bending and preening and prancing in a blue bikini along the beach in Rio, showing off her better side (and that’s not her face) and taking a break from her rather active professional schedule. Unfortunately, this dream will last until we realize we’re looking at Lady Gaga. And my penis just can’t take that kind of shock. It’s already been through enough.

Lady Gaga Topless On Her Balcony

Apparently Lady Gaga sex tape was in Rio and as you can see she decided to show her fans a little something extra before getting into her sexy bikini for a formal regal howdy, she made her way out onto the balcony, topless, with only what appears to be a couple coconuts covering up her own chesty fruits. Love it. I’ve never been a fan of her, but looking at these Lady Gaga nude pictures made me realize something: yeah, I’m still not a fan.. but I can definitely say that she has a fucking hot body and as long as she wears the shades, I will be here to share all of her sexy pictures with you. Enjoy.