Kendra Wilkinson Drops Fat Tanned Cleavage

I never really found Playboy chick  Kendra Wilkinson all that hot, she has big nose, bad skin, dyed hair and she’s now about a decade older than she claims, but as long as those big beautiful breasts are front and center, I’ll over look it… Here she is showing off some decent fat cleavage in some hot blue dress and that’s pretty much all I ever really liked about her and all I need to post pictures of her.

Kendra Wilkinson Breasts At Pool Party

Ever since her completely non staged relationship with Hugh Hefner fell apart, Kendra Wilkinson hasn’t done anything exciting at all, but I’ve got these pictures of her hosting Wet Republic event over the weekend and and looking damn good while doing it. Obviously I wasn’t invited there, but I’m happy to see those big fake breasts hanging out in a bikini top. I don’t remember Kendra Wilkinson breasts being this large, maybe she had some work done, however I like it.

Kendra Wilkinson Bust Out Cleavage

I did not have pretty long time this former Playboy chick on the site, I guess since Kendra Wilkinson video leaked on internet. But now, here she is out somewhere showing pretty hot cleavage and nice legs in sexy tight black dress and that’s pretty much all I ever really liked about her in the first place. Somehow it manages to always turn me off but I assure you, this time around, her tits and sweet ass are working wonders on me. Not that any of you guys wanted to hear that but I like getting my female readers excited once in a while. They deserve some fun too. Good work. Enjoy this Kenda Wilkinson gallery.

Kendra Wilkinson Sweet Mom Cleavage

Here is former Playboy hottie Kendra Wilkinson at some event over the weekend giving us a good look at her impressive mom tits…It’s been all downhill after she had the kid, but every now and again she shows up looking pretty hot.Very glad for her, because she will need good looks to sell her book.Enjoy

Kendra Wilkinson Big Tits In See Thru Top

Last time we saw Kendra Wilkinson, she was banging some lucky bastard on camera for some hot celebrity sex tape. Apparently, she wrote a book about it, Sliding Into Home, and now she’s on tour with the less lucky bastard who married her, pimping her book, citing how the sex tape helped make her a better mom.I think a better title of the book reads “How to Make a Shitty Porn Tape With No Cumshot”.I definitely I will not read this book but it is a pleasure to see Kendra Wilkinson’s big tits in see through top.They look like real time bombs!Enjoy