Katie Price Busts Her Massive Boobs Out

Here is Katie Price sex tape proudly showing off her giant breasts while out on the town the other night. And at first I thought this might be some kind of Halloween costume, but now I’m thinking it was probably just a normal Saturday night for Katie. I know that she is now quite old now and she’s not exactly looking all that glamorous anymore, but I still have a special place in my pants heart for her. Enjoy.

Katie Price Squeezes Big Fake Breasts

It’s nice to see that Katie Price seems to be getting back to her old trashy self and I for one am thankful. Here are some pictures od busty British model Katie Price squeezing her giant fake breasts together in a low cut bathing suit. I’m assuming this photoshoot is for a new bathing suit line the woman has designed for sluts and strippers. However, she sure knows the right way to sell this crap. Enjoy

Katie Price Mega Cleavage

I am very glad to see that Katie Price decided these days to bring out her big tits and she getting my attention again. Here she is at the Elton John party stuffing her big tanned boobs into a low cut dress showing off her massive cleavage and pretty hot legs. That is the best way to get herself notice and I’m all for it. I could stare at those big things all day! Enjoy this Katie Price cleavage gallery.

Katie Price Big Tanned Cleavage

Unfortunately I think Katie Price should not be really considered a celebrity anymore. She doesn’t actually do anything other than flash her big fake boobs from time to time and even that’s becoming more and more infrequent, so she is not even close interesting as old Katie which we know well. I think that the problem are her age and that is very sad, but the good thing about fake boobs is that they’re never going to let you down, so until Katie Price is able to move we will be able to enjoy her big tanned titties! Here she is walking around in tight leather pants with her big fake boobs hanging out from nice tight corset. I just love those two ladies, even if they’re attached to a Katie Price. Enjoy

Katie Price Still Looks Very Busty

Here is busty Katie Price still signing her book, which is the only reason that she appears in pubklic, since probably none of us knows what is her job . Anyhow, I have to admit I was a little disappointed the last few times when I posted her pictures to the site, since she has started to act normal… I almost forgot how much I like fake tanned, fake haired, faked boobed and hot Katie Price. She is a really special kind of people, she has the power to carry these huge tits! I do not like her outfit, but finally I feel that she still has the old spirit as before when she was one of the famous bitches…

Katie Price Big Boobs Promote Perfume

I’m not sure if Katie Price should really be considered a celebrity anymore, she doesn’t actually do anything other than flash her tits from time to time and even that is becoming more and more scarce so who really gives a shit.Here she is promoting her new slut perfume (‘Precious Love’ in London) with her big old fake boobs hanging out from her slutty costume.Maybe I’m crazy, but I somehow love crazy naughty women who do everything to attract attention, especially those that do so in a Katie Price way.Enjoy

Katie Price Boobs Sings Another Book

Here is one of the basties chicks in Hollywood Katie Price sings another book she probably hasn’t written.I’m not sure if I like this outfit, it reminds me of some hot teacher costumes, but on her it looks like a real mess.She has long ago become just a bunch of walking craps.Although I’m not interested to read the book I wonder what advice she could give to anyone.But one thing is sure, her big fake boobs still look damn good.Maybe is advice that Katie Price gave in the book – How to take care of the biggest silicone tits in the world.

Katie Price Sex Tape

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