Fergie Bikini Twitpic

I haven’t seen Fergie in a while, so this picture is the best way for her to makes a comeback… Here is the Black Eyed Peas hottie strutting her stuff in a little bikini and looking pretty damn good. It’s not very often I’ve got something complimentary to say about Fergie, not that I have anything against her, but she’s not exactly anatural beauty. Today is an exception and this Fergie I can handle. It just makes sense, if your face is busted, hide it behind some awesome bikini twitter pic. Enjoy

Fergie Breasts Almost Pop Out

Fergie is not exactly a natural beauty, but she has other natural qualities that can show us. Here she is at last night’s New Year’s Eve premiere in Hollywood, looking good in her tight silver dress while she drooping a lot of her amazing cleavage. I love it. This Fergie I can handle. It just makes sense, if your face is busted, hide it behind some fat cleavage. Very simply…

Fergie Nude Booty

I think I really need to get this Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Culo coffee table book, not only does it have hot Stacy Keibler and Kate Upton booty, but it seems to have more celebrity hotties baring it all. It’s pretty amazing how easily it seems to be to get seemingly upstanding celebrity hotties to take their clothes off in the name of art. Here I have picture of Fergie nude showing off her cute little booty. Why she is so skinny on that picture when we know that Fergie’s ass is twice bigger? However, I love it!

Fergie Busts Her Juicy Cleavage

I really can believe that I’m saying this crap again, but Fergie is looking really good these days. Like a soccer mom who has nothing better to do with her day than yoga or pilates or deep knee bends. What the hell? I had more than a few adult beverages last night, but I’m pretty sure I’d hit this sober. Here is Fergie at some Black Eyed Peas thing the other busting out some juicy cleavage. I’ve never had anything against her body, despite her rapidly aging face. But I must say that even her face isn’t as busted as it normally is, she must have a good doctor or a good makeup artist or something…

Fergie Hotter That Usual

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised when I saw these pictures of Fergie, because she looks pretty hot, way hotter than usual, of course, by that I mean her face, still have nothing against her body. But I don’t really understand the banana yellow prom dress, but I’d sure like to peel it back to get a better look at that juicy front meat. Here she is at the Fifi Awards in NYC busting out amazing pair of big boobs. I don’t miss her busted face, I really love these new Fergie.

Fergie Birthday Cleavage

Now, here is one of the best bodies I’ve ever seen, that body belongs to the singers from  The Black Eyed Peas, Stacy Ferguson. She is one of those celebrity babes who seems to really know what she’s doing when it come to putting her best things on the red carpet. I am not sure are those from her birthday party or from someone else, but this was one good opportunity to see some Fergie cleavage. Damn, those boobs look so tasty! Every time I posted some pictures of her, I do my best to not post pictures of Fergie’s busted old face, but sometimes it is impossible. But still none of us looks at the twisted face, our attention attracts the perfect body on her and even better boobs. Enjoy

Fergie Hot Bikini Photos

I’m always happy when hot Fergie gets into a little bikini because her body is so fucking amazing that it makes you forget all about her face. First you can see Fergie in see through dress and her lovely cleavage as she walking around hand in hand with her husband Josh Duhamel. In this Fergie gallery you can also see some new hot bikini pictures. These pictures are very blurry so the area around her face we can ignore quite easy, but can clearly see her tight body, big boobs and hot ass in a bikini. These are not as hot as Fergie thong bikini pics that I posted last time, but they are good enough to continue to wonder why does Fergie’s face have to be so messed up? Enjoy this Fergie bikini gallery.