Elle Macpherson Boob Slip

Here are some nice pictures of Elle Macpherson and her playful boobs .It’s been a while since she has done anything provocative and this is a nice way to back in my world. I get that she’s older now and that the only attention her boobs get these days are from some kid pawing at them all afternoon, but she’s a former supermodel and she still looks very hot and it’s always nice to see supermodel boobs.Enjoy

Elle Macpherson Long Legs

Elle Macpherson hot
I’m so hungover so you assholes are going to have to make up your own shitty joke about Elle MacPherson. Or don’t, I don’t give a shit, she’s hot and I would like to spend some time eating honey off her long legs. At this point I’ll settle for some gatorade and some nachos. Anything that will make me feel better.