Christina Aguilera Shows Her Hot Curves

Christina Aguilera hot at AMA's

Whatever Christina Aguilera is doing, it is working because she showed up at the 2013 American Music Awards looking like the girl who got my rocks off in the Dirrty video back in 2002. Sure she may not be wearing little booty shorts, but this dress shows enough skin to get my imagination rolling. Let’s hope she continues to keep the weight off and slips into a bikini real soon. Enjoy!

Christina Aguilera Cleavetastic On Leno

Christina Aguilera cleavage on Leno

If you weren’t convinced before that Christina Aguilera is definitely one of the hardest working women in the business, then you should look at these new photos from “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno“. It’s clear that Christina has cleaned up her sloppy sauce act of a couple years ago, all of which has probably helped her slim down, while still maintaining most of her bodacious top that made her famous in the first place. Christina Aguilera boobs looked pretty damn good on Leno last night, maybe a little help from the Spanx, but definitely in fine female form once again. Good on you, Christina. And better for us. Enjoy the view!

Christina Aguilera Cleavage Does Maxim

Christina Aguilera Maxim

When I first saw these pictures of Christina Aguilera in Maxim, I had to double-check the cover to make sure the date was right. I mean, I know she got skinny and hot again, but Christina hasn’t looked this good in years. Anyway, just to make sure there’s no Photoshop funny business going on, I think Christina needs to come over to my place for a full body inspection. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to document the whole thing. I’m very thorough. Enjoy the view!

Christina Aguilera Hotness Comeback

Christina Aguilera hot

In case you hadn’t noticed, I haven’t done a post on Christina Aguilera in a long time. Mainly because she’d been getting so huge so I just couldn’t find her that hot anymore, but now here she is at the NBC TCA Summer Press Tour looking like her old self again. I’m not sure what kind of deal with the Devil she had to strike to get this skinny and hot again, but whatever it was, it’s worth it. The best thing is that Christina Aguilera breasts didn’t lose a pound. Hot!

Christina Aguilera Busty Cleavage At The Red Carpet

Christina Aguilera busty

I haven’t done a post on Christina Aguilera in a long time and I found that these pictures of here are a good way to make a small comeback to the site. She was invited to Time Magazine’s Gala for the 100 Most Influential People in the World. I’m not really sure what Christina was doing on the list, but I figure it’s got to be for that Christina Aguilera cleavage of hers. I know it certainly used to inspire me…

Christina Aguilera Flashes Her Big Booty

I haven’t had any pictures of Christina Aquilera for a long time and I through that she had started to lose some of that post-divorce weight she put on, but clearly I was wrong. Here she is with her massive posterior stretching out an unfortunate pair of pants while out somewhere last night. I know it’s very hard to lose a little of pounds that she has been packing for months and months, but now it seems that she’s even bigger that Jessica Simpson. Whatever it is, Christina needs to get this under control… And fast.

Christina Aguilera Drunk Cleavage

I hadn’t seen Christina Aguilera in a while and it looks to me like she has started to lose a little of that post divorce weight she put on… or this somewhat see through dress  makes her body looks tighter. However, Christina Aguilera breasts are surely still fat and I love it. Here she is looking like she’s having a little trouble focusing on putting one foot in front of the other while out on the town and giving us nice drunk cleavage. Drunk girls with big breasts stuffed into a tight little dress are kind of my thing. Good work.