Cassie Ventura Black and White Photos

This is my collection of hot Cassie Ventura black and white pictures. She is sexy girl as she is but something about black and white photography makes Cassie even more naughty and mysterious. Buts dont take my word for it take a look at my collection and see for your self. What is not mysterious is her recent sex tape scandal, and you can find out all about that too!

Rihanna was drunk in the club last night

rihanna drunk

This was really funny, paparazzi caught Rihanna getting drunk with her bff Cassie Ventura in one of the nightclubs in Miami. Full set of photos is taken from Celebrity Steam website where you can find more Rihanna pictures. Girls got so wasted that by the end of the night all they could do was some girl kiss girl action and thats it. I am sure that P Didi or whatever nickname this dude uses these days had to find fun with some other groupies!

Naomi Campbell And Cassie Ventura

Some milliners are just lucky, imagine yourself on 10Mil dollars yacht with two supermodels taking a sunbath in bikinis and giving you blowjob whenever your dick can get hard! in my case with Naomi and Cassie that would be every hour. Take a look at the rest of photos and just close your eyes!

Cassie Makes Hot Appearance

Cassie boobs

Here is sexy Cassie and her awesome cleavage back on the track, thanks to these pictures of her hosting some kind of clothing launch in Vegas. And finally, she got rid of that stupid haircut I always hated. Which, as you all know, was pretty much the only thing keeping the two of us apart. Well, that and the fact that she’s a super-hot successful pop star while I live in my mom’s basement, but whatever. I don’t have a problem with that if she doesn’t.

Cassie Bikini Hotness At The Beach

Cassie bikini miami

Here is Cassie, having some fun at a Miami Beach this past weekend, and showing off her insanely perfect body in a skimpy little bikini. Despite the crimes against hotness that she’s done to her head, I think that she is one of the most criminally underrated babes on the planet. So, if you don’t love the way it looks from the front, the view from the back will definitely working for anyone. Enjoy these Cassie bikini pictures.

Cassie Braless Cleavage

Cassie braless

Here is sexy singer Cassie out the other day dropping a decent amount of sweet mocha cleavage in some weird outfit. This is almost too much of a good thing, almost good as Cassie Ventura Sex Tape, but just right for a perverted celebrity blog like this one. Going braless in top with no apparent way to fasten up the front of it will get you on this site every single time. I’d like to stick my face in there every morning to kick start my day. Enjoy the photos.

Cassie Sexy Street Walker

Cassie hot

I know absolutely nothing about fashion, but I love the fact that wearing your spandex gym/yoga outfit around town when you’re nowhere near the gym is a thing now. Here is Cassie Ventura sex tape seriously doing nothing now except walking the streets in a sweet little tank top and pair of leggings. I like it. It’s a combination that remind me of a girl’s hotness. Of course, it would’ve helped if we’d gotten a good booty shot too or some cleavage… Next time.