Carmen Electra Busts Hot Cougar Cleavage

Carmen Electra at the 6th Annual Revolver Golden Gods Awards

I don’t know how old Carmen Electra is, but she must be pushing close to 50 and still looks damn good. Here she is at the 2014 Revolver Golden Gods Award Show which is a music award show for a bunch of bands who are stuck in the early 90s or who have consumed enough drugs to still think they’re in the early 90s. Anyway, they must be glad that the second biggest pin-up babe of that era showed up. Enjy the view!

Carmen Electra Hotness For FHM

Carmen Electra FHM

Apparently Carmen Electra just became FHM‘s oldest cover model ever with this spread for their upcoming April issue. Which is just nuts considering she’s still twice as hot at 41 as most girls half her age. So here’s hoping Carmen doesn’t hang up her lingerie any time soon, because after these pictures, she’s clearly got a lot more years left in the tank. Well done.

Carmen Electra Bring Out The Big Guns

Carmen Electra cleavage at Lambertz Monday Night in Cologne

The veteran hottie found herself in Germany at Lambertz Monday Night, busting out her super hot cleavage. When Carmen Electra wants to get noticed, she goes right to her A-game bag of tricks. Or bags of tricks as one who was terrible at puns might say. Whatever it was she was selling, I’m quite sure she sold out and then some. She has still got the goods and she knows how to give us just enough tasty front meat to whet our appetites. It’s making me hungry for more. Enjoy the view!

Carmen Electra Devilish Hot Cleavage

Carmen Electra devil Halloween costume

Joining the angelic Joanna Krupa was the devilish Carmen Electra who dazzled on the East Coast on The Today Show in her Baywatch swimsuit, then made it back to L.A. in time for Halloween proper as a red latex devil at the Bootsy Bellows nightclub in Hollywood. Her asstastic I believe she owes mostly all to her own hard work. Anyway, between the two of them, Joanna and Carmen, heaven and hell, and a whole lot of thoughtful sins in betwixt. Enjoy the view!

Carmen Electra Bikini Pictures

Carmen Electra bikini

Former Baywatch babe Carmen Electra showed off her incredibly toned body as she soaked up the sun in a tiny bikini. It has been a while since Carmen Electra donned the red high-cut swimwear of Baywatch, but no doubt there were a few men wanting to be rescued in Hawaii this week. So, anybody who things Carmen Electra was done with the public spectacles of titillation, you were wrong. She has more than enough juice left to turn it on and on when she wants to, as evidenced by these shots of Carmen on all-fours and other lust inducing positions in her bikini. Enjoy the view!

Carmen Electra Ageless Hotness

Carmen Electra hot

I read somewhere that Carmen Electra hot dumped that Simon Cowell dude because he was cheating on her, which makes him even dumber than I thought. Because judging from these latest profile shots, Carmen is still just as hot as she was 20 years ago. So, if she’s looking for a little revenge, hooking up with a blogger would make any ex jealous. I’d be happy to volunteer, and I promise to post lots of pictures.

Carmen Electra Busty Profile

Carmen Electra busty profile

Here is Carmen Electra at the 21 & Over Blu-ray and DVD release party looking just damn hot in some skintight dress. Now, this is the best evidence that she is nowhere near hottie retirement even though she’s over 40. Although she did not show any cleavage, we can still enjoy at her best angle: from the side. I just love this woman and she is always good to see. Enjoy the photos.