Beyonce Topless Covered For OUT Magazine

Beyonce OUT magazine

Here is Beyonce topless in another magazine cover, as her face will appear in black and white on the May edition of Out Magazine. In the new edition of Out magazine, which is about what it sounds like it’s about, Beyonce says that women should own their own sexuality. I don’t even know what this means, but I like it. Especially if that cliche comes with Beyonce holding her own stellar boobtastic in a photoshoot for the magazine where you can imagine Beyonce as a blonde. I must admit I’ve never thought of Beyonce as a blonde, then again, I’m rarely looking at her hair. As a rule, whatever Beyonce supports that involves her taking off her top, I support. Enjoy the view!

Beyonce Booty For Her New Partition Video

Beyonce Partition screencaps

I heard that they’re calling the new Beyonce music video ‘explicit’ on YouTube. I don’t know if I’d go that far, especially within the realm of current day pop music videos. They’re racier than most adult films. But I will say that Beyonce gives it her PG-13 all in this booty shaking and body preening costume fest. I think there’s music too, though I admit I wasn’t really paying attention. Of all the current music stars who are showing off their female forms to push record sales, if they still sell records, I have to say, Beyonce is near the top of my list. A real woman’s body bumping and grinding and exhibiting her deeply felt artistic passions. If she was singing Hells Bells this would be something I would buy. Enjoy the view!

Beyonce Booty Show On 56th Annual Grammy Awards

Beyonce Booty At The 56th Annual Grammy Awards

Music’s newest MILF Beyonce opened the show with one hell of a booty-shaking performance at the Grammy Awards. Jay Z & wife Beyonce got down and dirty as they performed ‘Drunk in Love’. Beyonce didn’t hold back on stage, but as soon as she was off the clock, she had a big blanket waiting to cover up that billion-dollar booty! I did not get the video, because if you ask me, the pictures are actually even better. See, now you don’t have to keep pausing and squinting through all that dry ice. Also, you don’t have to mute the pictures. You’re welcome. Enjoy the view!

Beyonce See Through Dress

Beyonce see through

Here is Beyonce looking just damn spectacular and busting out some awesome cleavage in some sexy see through dress at the premiere of something called Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream in New York. Wow. I don’t know about you guys, but Beyonce nude has impressed the hell out of me lately. Beyonce’s GQ photoshoot and her Super Bowl half-time show were both pretty damn hot, and it looks like there’s no stopping her new found hotness. Keep good work.

Beyonce GQ Hot Photoshoot

Beyonce gq

Wow. Wow times a thousand! Here is Beyonce posing for the latest GQ magazine and looking just damn fucking hot and I don’t remember I’ve seen her like that before, so if you ask me, this has to be her sexiest photoshoot ever. In some way I like it when the individual celebs have kids because they almost always come back like they have something to prove and Beyonce nude has proven to be a serious contender for the hottest celebrity MILF… Anyway, I don’t really get the point of the football helmet or poses, but I’d sure love to play a little two-hand touch with Beyonce Knowles. Enjoy.

Beyonce Pregnant And Busty

I’ve never found pregnant chicks very sexy, but since some of my favorite celebrity babes like Hilary Duff got all knocked up, I began to think that there are some pregnancy that could be a good for all of us. Here is the proof, and that are the pictures of Beyonce pregnant walking around in some little low cut dress that pressed and pushed her burgeoning boobtastic like a Hamilton Beach milkshake maker. You’ve probably heard about the bullshit scandal about Beyonce faking her pregnancy, but I’m glad to see that these claims are false, because I love those sweet big pregnant breasts. It seems that Jay-Z is going to have a fun few months. Lucky bastard.

Beyonce Flashes A Little Sideboob

I did not have any pictures of Beyonce long time on the site, it appears that she hides herself for some time. But finally I have something new from her and I am pretty excited. You think these pictures are nothing special, until you see some little peek of Beyonce sideboob. It’s nice to see that she has decided to shows off more than just a smile and stupid sunglasses in her sexy one piece. No matter how much I am happy with this, as I am always happy to see that the celebrity tits are naughty, I have to say that I wouldn’t have expected this kind of thing from Beyonce, she’s normally so careful, but I am glad that this can happen to everyone. Enjoy