Audrina Patridge Sideboob Peek

Audrina Patridge sideboob

Audrina Patridge may have trouble with the more complicated words and things, but she has no trouble looking ridiculously hot in anything tight and showy and revealing. Here she is Republic Records GRAMMY Party in LA showing some nice sideboob. She does keep herself in rather fine female form. Show it off, Audrina, the music business needs it now more than ever. Enjoy the view!

Audrina Patridge Sexy Legs

Audrina Patridge sexy legs

Here are some pictures of Audrina Patridge on her way to some event or maybe a timeshare talk that promised a free dinner, I’m not really sure. I doubt that her new publicist must have the paps on speed dial, because I’m not sure if she is considered celebrity anymore. However, it’s always nice to see Audrina again, because she decided to show us her sexy legs in tight dress this time.So, I guess it’s up to me to enjoy the view and not to analyze too much.

Audrina Patridge Hot Booty In Tights

Audrina Patridge leggings

These days we do not have a chance to Audrina Patridge as often as earlier, I guess she can not get any job and that’s too bad, because she’s always done a good job of keeping those 15 minutes of hers going with a well-timed cleavage or leg show. I think that she deserves much more attention, so in the interest of helping Audrina keep her career alive, here she is in a pair of leggings. And if this doesn’t do the trick, I think it might be time for the two of us to talk Audrina Patridge sex tape. I’m willing to help out any way I can.

Audrina Patridge Busting Out Big Fake Boobs

Audrina Patridge cleavage

I haven’t done a post on Audrina Patridge nude in a whil. Her fifteen minutes of fame seem to have expired, but I’m willing to give her another fifteen cause the girl’s body and big fake breasts are rockin’ and I miss those ceiling eyes. Here she is some lame event, but I guess it’s actually big deal for her as long as long as it had a red carpet and a photographer. But lookingat these pictures of her I realize I might’ve been a little too hard on her because she’s busting out of her top at whatever lame benefit gala this is, she made it very much interesting. I need to organize a red carpet leading into my bedroom. I wonder if Audrina’s available to work nights.

Sexy Celebrity Halloween Pics

As I thought Halloween night was crazy like every year and our celebrity babes were busy little bodies the last couple of days with Halloween parties and such, and they were all nice enough to tweet their Halloween hotness for our drooling pleasure. So here are the photos that caught my attention in the last couple of days. Here are Ashley Tisdale, Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian, The Saturdays, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Christina Milian, Miley Cyrus, Kelly Kelly, Avril Lavigne, Audrina Patridge, Stella Hudgens, Maria Kanellis, and Paulina Gretzky as sexy cop being the clear winner… Which one is your favorite?

Audrina Patridge Hot Legs In Short Leather Shorts

What does a reality star do after their show is no longer on air? Probably nothing. Here is former reality TV star Audrina Patridge seriously she does nothing now, walking the streets yesterday in he sweet little leather short shorts and pretty solid see through-ish tank top. I like it. Although my favorite of the whole thing is the fact that she’s got some great fake breasts on her, but I must admit that she’s also working those long legs. Hot!

Audrina Patridge Bikini Pictures

Say what you will about Audrina Patridge insipid reality shows and reasoning skills that resemble a low-functioning beaver on the zoological functionality charts, but you can not take away from that body. Here  is Audrina Patridge down in Cabo San Lucas with her family celebrating her birthday while hanging out in some hot little white bikini. I don’t know how old is this babe, but this girl’s body is so tight, I hardly even notice the lazy eye anymore… Enjoy

Audrina Patridge Fake Tits In A Bikini

Here is Audrina Patridge and her big fake breasts hanging out at the beach over the weekend… These Audrina Patridge bikini pictures are obviously staged, but I’m not all that picky, I guess she needs something to back in the the spotlight, so put these big tits in bikini top is a good attempt… Now, I want to see her pose naked again. Keep up the good work.