Anna Faris Boobs Look Huge

Anna Faris busty

Anna Faris has both her hot and not so hot moments. I guess that’s what makes her a regular chick. Here she is looking pretty damn good, especially in a chest area. She’s not exactly wearing anything sexy, but her tits look good in that tank top. I mean, just take one look at those T-shirt mounds and tell me why the paparazzi aren’t following her every  jiggle, or staking out her beach vacations. Anyway, I’m not sure if Anna Faris boobs real or fake either way they’re definitely got my attention.

Anna Faris Boobs Almost Pop Out

I did not see Anna Faris anywhere for a long time, I almost forgot that she exists. But, it seems that she has new movie and that she came back hotter than ever. Here she is at the “What’s Your Number?” premiere busting out some very impressive cleavage. I don’t know if she’s had work done or not, but those boobs can barely stay in her dress. I wasn’t planning on going to see this Anna Faris new movie, but after seeing these pictures, I might have to reconsider. Enjoy

Anna Faris Hotness

I had nothing of Anna Faris since she stripped completely naked, on the set of her upcoming movie, ‘What’s Your Number?’ and frankly I always thought she looks hot only when she is naked.But I made a big mistake in thinking and here are some pictures which left me somewhat breathless.She has hot little body and amazing cleavage.I definitely want to see more of this babe, obviously not in the movies she’s terrible actress, but in Playboy or in my bathtub…Enjoy in this Anna Faris hot gallery.

Anna Faris Sexy Photoshot

Anna Faris sexy photoshot

Popstar Sexy Anna Faris posing for her shwingtastic photoshoot from the latest GQ magazine. I really belive that she has one of the most perfect bodies in Hollywood. There is a photo of Anna Faris showing off a bit of booty cleavage enjoy in this sexy celebrity photoshot and post your comments, i would love to hear your oppinion about her!