Alessandra Ambrosio Sexy Cleavage

Alessandra Ambrosio Race to Erase MS Gala

Here’s supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio dropping everyone’s jaw at this past weekend’s 21st Annual Race To Erase MS event, and it’s all thanks to her sexy dress that’s doing one hell of a shwingtastic job of showing off a ton of her bodacious cleavage. Ok, so it’s also thanks to the fact that she’s a supermodel, but her awesome cleavage is the star of the show here my peeps. But you already knew that, right? Right. Enjoy!

Alessandra Ambrosio Hanging Out At The Coachella

Alessandra Ambrosio Coachella

Here is Alessandra Ambrosio continues her birthday party at the Coachella Music Festival this weekend with some hot friends. Which was pretty nice of her, because now we get to celebrate too. Anyway, I know I’ve talked trash about this festival in the past, but after this, now I kind of want to go next year. And I don’t care who’s headlining, because the only act I’d want to see is another killer Alessandra leg show. Preferably with front row seats this time. Enjoy the view!

Alessandra Ambrosio Busts Red Hot Cleavage

Alessandra Ambrosio red hot cleavage

It seems pretty easy to be a clothing designer when you can afford the likes of Alessandra Ambrosio to come model your wares. She’d look amazing in a bed sheet barely wrapped around her stellar long lean female form. I guess somebody made a few more cuts and stitches to the bed sheet and is calling it high fashion, but we ogling gentleman know the truth.  We’ve long admired Alessandra’s long lean model, booty, and some rather fetching stems, now a chance to openly ogle her boobtastic in her birthplace. There’s something very touching about that. I mean, I can really imagine lots of touching.

Alessandra Ambrosio Workout Cleavage

Alessandra Ambrosio workout cleavage

You don’t think these model bodies we ogle daily rain down from heaven perfectly honed already, do you? Well, I used to, until I was old enough to know better. Like maybe 25. It was then I realized that these girls have to sweat and stretch and perfect their Mother Nature granted gifts to offer the very best views of their spectacular female forms. Take Alessandra Ambrosio. I know I would like to. This slender MILF doesn’t just pop down the Pringle and throw back the brewskis and end up with a tight butt and killer legs. Oh, no, she’s hitting the yoga and Pilates circuit something hardcore along with her celebrity sextastic cohorts. We’re fortunate to catch this glimpse of her doing something on her class and showing some nice cleavage while doing so. Now, had a sweaty Alessandra been the homework photo example, perhaps I would have paid more attention.Enjoy the view!

Alessandra Ambrosio Hot Sideboob

Alessandra Ambrosio sideboob

Here’s the hottest supermodel MILF of all-time Alessandra Ambrosio launching her new fashion line, since I figured what better way could there possibly be to end a long workweek than with pictures of some good old-fashioned supermodel sideboob action? And before you say being there to enjoy this view in person, I should remind you that at least this way it’s much easier to stare drooling for as long as you want without anyone wondering if you need medical attention. So you’re welcome, and enjoy. Just try not to hurt yourselves.

Alessandra Ambrosio Booty Works Extra

Alessandra Ambrosio 'Extra'

Hope you guys are in the mood for some more Alessandra Ambrosio hotness, because after those awesome bikini pictures we had the other day, here’s my favorite MILF model showing off her perfect booty profile on the Extra set. In fact, only two things could make these pictures any better: 1. if Alessandra was wearing a bikini again, and 2. if her and Maria Menounos were having a jello-wrestling match up on stage. Actually, that gives me a great idea for a new celebrity talk show. I can’t believe no one’s ever thought of that before. I’m going to be rich.

Alessandra Ambrosio and Behati Prinsloo Launch VS Swim Collection

Alessandra Ambrosio and Behati Prinsloo Victoria's Secret Swim Collection Press Day

Here are two of the sexiest supermodels on the planet, Alessandra Ambrosio and Behati Prinsloo, joining forces, i.e. bodies, hotness, etc…, to promote the Victoria’s Secret 2014 Swim Collection launch in West Hollywood yesterday afternoon, and as you can clearly see, they’re doing one hell of a job of doing so! Especially Behati in her sexy little cut-off jean shorts. Nice. Enjoy!