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We got the chance to see Kate Bosworth completely nude photos, but now I want to give you an opportunity to see her in some sexy shots. Kate Bosworth is an American actress ad model. She is very recognizable because of her enviable figure. Also what made her different from others is heterochromia iridium, she has one hazel eye and the other is blue. For me, she is even sexier like that. Even though she has small tits I found them perfect. In total when we look at her as a whole she is one goddamn milf! Scroll down and take a look at her curves with your own eyes!

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Kate Bosworth Hot Movie Scenes

She rose to prominence with her appearance as a teenage surfer in the box-office hit Blue Crush, following minor roles in The Horse Whisperer (1998) and Remember the Titans (2000). She also appeared in independent films such as Wonderland (2003), a true crime film, and Beyond the Sea, a Bobby Darin biographical drama, in which she played Sandra Dee (2004). Now, I prepared some of the hottest scenes Kate has ever filmed!

In the first scene Kate Bosworth is nude in bed with a friend, revealing both breasts while lying on her back and kissing the man’s chest. The guy then turns around to speak to a boy at the foot of the bed before returning to make out with Kate, who is still topless.

Kate Bosworth is lying on her back as a man removes her jeans and then has sex with her, with Kate’s slightly out-of-focus right nipple catching our attention at one point.

Kate Bosworth, star of Blue Crush, sits on a bathroom counter in a blue bra as a man pulls down her shorts to expose her butt from the side before they have rough sex.

A man unties Kate Bosworth’s robe, exposing her bra and panties underneath. He then shifts to a sofa and lays on top of her, yanking her underwear off. As they have sex, we see her bare buttocks from the side, Kate unsure whether she wants to or not.

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