Amanda Cerny Booty Workout

Amanda Cerny booty workout

You all know how much I love hot chicks in yoga pants, but it seems like way too often we’re seeing celebrities in leggings who apparently forgot what they were originally intended for. Yoga pants weren’t meant to be worn on a trip to Starbucks or running errands. They’re meant for what Amanda Cerny is doing here, bending over for the paparazzi. So go ahead and enjoy yoga pants as they were intended for once.

Hilary Duff Booty In Leggings

Hilary Duff booty

Here is hot mommy Hilary Duff showing off her delicious booty in nice pair of leggings. I’m not sure how many months the Hilary Duff Bikini Watch has been going on for now, but looks like it’s going to be dragging on for at least another week. Luckily, Hilary showed up in a pair of leggings instead, which helps save these pictures from being a total wash. But I think we might need to step up our efforts here. If all my readers out there chipped in, I bet we could afford to send Hilary on a beach vacation, and still have enough left over to pay someone to lose all her non-bikini luggage.

Micaela Reis Busts Perfect Cleavage

Micaela Reis cleavage

Meet ridiculously busty model Micaela Reis from Angola at some event for something called The Intern. I don’t know much about this girl but after all these busty pictures, I want to find out a whole lot more. Now I wonder, why haven’t I ever seen this Micaela chick before, and more importantly, does she believe in love at first sight? Because I just fell hard for those funbags of hers, and I’m pretty sure that the three of us were meant to be together and live happily ever after in my mom’s basement.

Kendall Jenner Leggy On The Red Carpet

Kendall Jenner hot

Now that she’s finally 18, Kendall Jenner can do all kinds of fun things. Like post her nipples on Instagram and show up to awards shows in a sexy dress without anyone wondering if it’s some kind of LAPD sting operation. Exciting times. So here she is not wasting any time at the 2013 American Music Awards. You know, there’s something else Kendall can do now that she’s 18: film a sex tape with a blogger. Hey, don’t judge. It’s important to experiment when you’re young. Enjoy the view!

Taylor Swift Sexy Legs Show

Taylor Swift sexy legs

If there’s one thing that my readers and teenage girls can agree on, it’s loving Taylor Swift. Sure, their reasons may be different, but I know for a fact that both groups would love to invite Taylor over for a slumber party. So here’s Taylor putting on one seriously hot leg show at the 2013 American Music Awards. Enjoy the view!

Miley Cyrus Shows Sideboob At AMA’s

Miley Cyrus sideboob at AMA's

And after seeing Miley Cyrus sideboob on the red carpet and performing Wrecking Ball in front of a video of a giant cat, I finally understand why people care about the 2013 American Music Awards: it’s another excuse to check out Miley’s killer body in very little clothing. It all makes sense now. Can they do another one of these next month?

Kelly Brook Birthday Cleavage

Kelly Brook cleavage

Apparently it was one of my all-time favorite busty Brits Kelly Brook‘s birthday over the weekend, and for some reason, I wasn’t invited to the party. After all these years together, I thought we had something special. Oh well. At least she still remembered to get us all a pretty awesome present. I just wish I could’ve been there to unwrap it in person. Maybe next year.

Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Hotness

Victoria Silvstedt bikini

Here’s Victoria Silvstedt showing off her bodacious curves in one hell of a skimpy little bikini.  I don’t care if she’s in France or Italy or in the South of Miami, Victoria Silvstedt never lets herself not be ready to be photographed in a bikini. Perma tan, perma puppies, and perma turning to angles that favor her shape. She’s not a first time at this whole bikini attention thing. She’s not the spry 20-year old she once was when the folks at the Bunny magazine decided to make her a star, but she’s still got lots of tools in her tool belt. That’s where I’m staring at least. Enjoy the view!