Victoria Justice Cleavy In Pink Top & White Shorts

Victoria Justice Coachella

In case you couldn’t tell from the dumb flowers in her hair and crowds of dirty hipsters, Victoria Justice went to Coachella over the weekend too. Apparently it was her contractually-obligated turn to head down there in short shorts to plug somebody’s clothing line — sorry, I mean “enjoy the music.” Anyway, I can’t tell you which view I’m liking more here, the front or the back, but I can tell you I’m glad Victoria is setting such a good example for her younger sister Madison when it comes to dressing like a true grown-up hottie. Enjoy the view!

Victoria Justice Cleavage At The 2014 MTV Movie Awards

Victoria Justice 2014 MTV Movie Awards

Here we are again, the competition the Best Cleavage of the Night at the MTV Movie Awards continues. In the inner circle is definitely Victoria Justice, who has finally learned to dress properly. Damn, she is perfect!  So gorgeous and sexy! Anyway, here she is looking stunning in some weird pink dress, busting her hot little cleavage. I think that award goes to Victoria Justice and her cute cleavage. Hmm, with an outfit this good, maybe I should’ve been watching last night after all. Enjoy the view!

Victoria Justice Shows Some Decent Cleavage

Victoria Justice cleavage

I’ve been waiting for the day when Victoria Justice would finally grow up and start dressing like the hot babe we all know she is. I just didn’t figure she’d do it at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. But here she is busting out that grown-up cleavage of hers all the same. And who cares if this outfit isn’t exactly kid-friendly? I’m sure all the dads out there forced to watch this crap certainly appreciated it. Enjoy the view!

Victoria Justice Bares Midriff And Eats Corn

Victoria Justice bare midriff and eats corn

I have never realized that eating a corn could be sexy as licking ice cream or eating banana, probably because I’d never seen Victoria Justice eating it. But after these pictures of one of my favorite hotties rocking a pair of sexy skinny jeans ans showing off her sexy bare midriff while having some corn, it’s definitely got me in the mood. Victoria Justice is starting to look sexier & sexier these days than any other time in recent memory. I guess she’s finally realizing that if she doesn’t keep the heat turned up, people will just forget about her. Enjoy the view!

Victoria Justice Shakes Her Hot Booty At Stage

Victoria Justice booty

It seems like Victoria Justice hot babe finally realized that if you really want to become a big star, you should start catering to horny guys like us. Here she is shaking her hot little booty in leather short shorts at her latest tour stop. And once she learns how to twerk, I’m telling you, she’s going to be unstoppable. Awesome! Let’s hope she keeps it up.

Victoria Justice Sweet Cleavage

Victoria Justice cleavage

Finally, I do not feel like a pervert because I dumped on the pictures of Victoria Justice and her sweet cleavage. Here she is hosting H&M’s Exclusive Conscious Collection Launch Party looking like the hottie I always knew she could be. It feels good to be proven right, but it feels even better to see Victoria like this. Victoria Justice hot babe is such a beautiful young woman! I can’t get enough of her! Let’s hope she keeps it up.

Victoria Justice Sexy At Kids Choice Awards

Victoria Justice kids choice

I’m telling you, this girl just keeps getting hotter, and her outfits keep getting skimpier. Here is Victoria Justice at the Nickelodeon’s 26th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards proving that she is worthy every compliment and dressing like a big girl and showing off her little cleavage and hot body in a form fitting dress. I love it. I have a feeling that it’s only a matter of time that either Maxim or FHM gets Victoria Justice hot in some lingerie. Fingers crossed.

Victoria Justice Is A Tasty Little Treat

Victoria Justice hot

As much as I think Victoria Justice is one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen, I think it’s time that she gives up the Nickelodeon/Disney crap and start shooting revealing self-mirror photos and Victoria Justice  nude “accidentally” leaking them on Twitter. I don’t know how much longer I can keep loving her without her giving me something sexy to work with. Anyway, here she is at Teen Vogue 10th Anniversary and Chloe Grace Moretz Sweet 16.