Taylor Swift As A Sexy Ballerina

Taylor Swift dance studio

Here’s the uber cute Taylor Swift at a dance studio session looking like a sexy little minx  and dropping everyone’s jaw (especially mine) with her in few skimpy dance outfits, sexy little ballerina outfits! Here’s hoping she keeps hitting the studio because her outfits are doing one hell of a job of showing off her sexy stems and making her look way bustier than she really is. And making me drool as well while showing off a ton of sexy leg action and curves.  Alright, enough gushing; enjoy the photos!

Taylor Swift Leggy In Short Shorts

Taylor Swift leggy in short shorts

Here’s Taylor Swift prancing around West Hollywood and showing off her sexy mile-long legs in a pair of retro shorts that look like something my aunt Edna would have worn in the 60s. Thankfully for us, Taylor is a major cutie and has a wicked pair of stems and doesn’t look anything like my aunt Edna. Enjoy!

Taylor Swift Sexy Legs Show

Taylor Swift sexy legs

If there’s one thing that my readers and teenage girls can agree on, it’s loving Taylor Swift. Sure, their reasons may be different, but I know for a fact that both groups would love to invite Taylor over for a slumber party. So here’s Taylor putting on one seriously hot leg show at the 2013 American Music Awards. Enjoy the view!

Taylor Swift Is Working Her Hotness Again

Taylor Swift fragnance

2013 Fragrance Foundation Awards was last night an here are some pictures of Taylor Swift looking good while giving us a little peek at those sweet breasts of hers. Taylor’s definitely starting to win me over. Let’s hope she stays single for a while longer and keeps this up. For now though, just enjoy it while it lasts.


Taylor Swift Sexy Legs

Taylor Swift sexy legs

Being single has definitely brought out the sexy in Taylor Swift because here she is at Wembley Stadium in London the other day putting on a killer leg show in some sexy short shorts. I’m really digging the new and improved Taylor now that she’s single again. It means more hot outfits and fewer annoying songs about her boyfriends. That’s the definition of a win-win in my books. Enjoy the photos.

Taylor Swift Hotness At The Red Carpet

Taylor Swift brit awards

Being single has definitely brought out the sexy in Taylor Swift hot babe because here she is at the 2013 Brit Awards and once again her outfit doesn’t disappoint. I like what she has been doing the last couple of months, and that’s upping the sexiness and showing off some sexy curves that I never even knew she had! Let’s hope she stays single for a while longer and keeps this up. For now though, just enjoy it while it lasts.

Taylor Swift Gets Leggy And cleavy

Taylor Swift cleavage

First of all I must say that I am extremely pleased to see that Taylor Swift went in the right direction that began last time when we had the opportunity to see some really sexy when it comes to her. To be really honest I do not see real cleavage in these pictures , but whatever Taylor Swift hot tried in this low cut dress, I want more of it. Because for a girl who usually shows up to events like this dressed like she’s middle-aged, Taylor was rocking some serious cleavage at the 2013 40 Principales Awards in Madrid, whatever the hell those are. Enjoy the photos.

Taylor Swift Sideboob Cleavage

Taylor Swift sideboob

I don’t do many posts on Taylor Swift and that’s because she refuses to sex it up. It’s hard to write about a chick who’s an all around wholesome girl with morals and values. Hopefully, that changes and here are some pretty damn sexy pictures of Taylor Swift hot babe dropping some awesome sideboob cleavage at the People’s Choice Awards the other night. Usually I don’t really follow celebrity gossip, but I’m pretty sure I heard that Taylor Swift single again and it probably explains why she gave us such a good view of her nice little tits. Seriously, this is the best she has ever looked. Enjoy.