Lindsay Lohan Shows Some Great Downblouse View

Lindsay Lohan boobs for rher reality show

Here are some nice caps of Lindsay Lohan’s cleavage from her new docu-series. OK, I think we’ve figured out Oprah’s plan to get everybody to watch her Lindsay Lohan reality show. Lindsay funbags. Lindsay’s ginger freckled puppies are on deep cleavage display in pretty much every episode aired to date. It seems like a pretty strong promotional angle to a show that otherwise depicts Lindsay in a clean and sober and perhaps less boring and more rigged state than the one who has held hold over the tabloids for the past decade. Still, enjoy the view!

More Heidi Klum Bikini Pictures

Heidi Klum bikini in the Bahamas

Heidi Klum may not have the exact same body she did as a young woman, who does, but she keeps it tight and natural and has very European sensibilities about showing off as much skin as possible even when a responsible mom at the beach. I can truly respect that. And I would like to tell her so while relaxing in her Bahamian hotel suite as she announces I’m her next boy toy of the month and proceeds to use me at will. It’s the dream. Enjoy!

Miley Cyrus Topless On A Horse

Miley Cyrus Topless on a Horse

Here is Miley Cyrus topless posing on a horse statue holding a cigar. So Miley can no longer be labeled as a shy girl. Granted, she lost that label perhaps at age twelve, but now it’s triply official. Miley does keep herself quite lean and it’s ever so delightful to see her bare funbags in yet another memorably fully visible position. Anyway, I have no clue what it all means either, but I do know one thing — I like it. And I hope there’s more where this came from. So keep those fingers crossed. Enjoy the view!

Victoria Justice Shows Some Decent Cleavage

Victoria Justice cleavage

I’ve been waiting for the day when Victoria Justice would finally grow up and start dressing like the hot babe we all know she is. I just didn’t figure she’d do it at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. But here she is busting out that grown-up cleavage of hers all the same. And who cares if this outfit isn’t exactly kid-friendly? I’m sure all the dads out there forced to watch this crap certainly appreciated it. Enjoy the view!

Cassie Makes Hot Appearance

Cassie boobs

Here is sexy Cassie and her awesome cleavage back on the track, thanks to these pictures of her hosting some kind of clothing launch in Vegas. And finally, she got rid of that stupid haircut I always hated. Which, as you all know, was pretty much the only thing keeping the two of us apart. Well, that and the fact that she’s a super-hot successful pop star while I live in my mom’s basement, but whatever. I don’t have a problem with that if she doesn’t.

Emily Ratajkowski Hot Bikini Pictures

Emily Ratajkowski The Fox Swimwear

Here’s the sexiest model working today, and coincidentally my future wife Emily Ratajkowski unleashing her eyeball-melting hotness, and her bodacious cleavage and curves, and her insanely sexy tummy, and her… well, everything in the new Fox swimwear campaign that will zap you into a zombie-like state of drooling. This peach solidifies herself as one of the sexiest babes on the entire planet with each and every new photoshoot. Speaking of… enjoy!

Nikki Reed Jogging In Short Shorts

Nikki Reed jogging

Here’s newly single Twilight hottie Nikki Reed going out for a jog with her pooch, which is a smart idea if you ask me. Because besides being extremely enjoyable for me and my readers, it should also help get her endorphins back up. And you know what else has the same effect? A rebound roll in the hay with a certainblogger. I’m just saying, think about it Nikki. I’m here for you. Ok, you guys know how I like to celebrate when a hottie’s marriage breaks up, because I’m a dick like that. But hey, I’m a blogger, what else do you expect? 

Kendall Jenner Hot Booty In Jeans

Kendall Jenner booty in jeans

Kendall Jenner is not a girl, not yet a woman, or something like that. She’s barely legal, a professional runway model, and who can even remember how long ago she dropped out of school. She’s an independent young woman now, about town in her tight jeans. Now, tell me, is this is a question about genetics or modern medical advancements in butt augmentation surgery? We’re gonna assume it’s a combination of the two simply because you can’t get an ass like that straight from the womb and there’s no butt surgeon out there who can attach an ass that large on a person’s body (right?!). Setting various butt-related theories aside, Kendall’s lucky that she’s passionate about pursuing a career as runway supermodel as opposed to a slab of meat that rappers and athletes feast on from time to time. Having said that, those dudes will still take her for a ride, but I’m sure the joyride won’t be as fun as it would be if she was as meaty as Kim or Khloe. I’m sure you haters in denial will completely disagree. Anyway, It’s only a matter of time before Kendall Jenner takes it to a new level of racy. I’m hoping it’s candid, albeit her programmed and promoted life may make that difficult. Beggars can’t be choosers. I’m begging for a little more naughty Kendall. She’s growing up nicely. Enjoy.