Maria Menounos Hot Showgirl

Maria Menounos Extra Showgirl

It’s not exactly a new booty update, but somehow I’ve got a feeling nobody’s going to be complaining about these new pictures of Maria Menounos looking smoking hot on the Extra set. I have no clue what Maria was doing all dressed up like a Vegas showgirl, but I just figure one of the Extra producers has been reading my dream journal for inspiration again. Either way, you’re welcome. Enjoy.

Maria Menounos Booty Profile

Maria Menounos booty profile

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s awards season, which means in addition to all the big ones that people actually care about, we’ll also be seeing a steady string of crap like the Variety Breakthrough of the Year Awards, whatever the hell that means. Still, as long as they invite hotties like Maria Menounos, I’m not complaining. Especially since Maria brought her booty A-game with this tight dress. And if this is just a trial run for the real shows, I can’t wait to see what she busts out next. Enjoy the view!

Maria Menounos Hot Bikini Booty

Maria Menounos Bikini

My Greek goddess Maria Menounos decided to kick off 2014 by going on vacation to Cabo San Lucas and slipping into a skimpy little bikini and busting out her bodacious curves and awesome booty! Now that’s how you kick off a new year! Or… any day really! Can you imagine? Daily Maria Menounos booty-popping bikini pictures? Yeah, that’s probably just reserved for heaven. Anyways, enjoy the show!

Maria Menounos Booty On The Set Of Extra

Maria Menounos booty

I don’t think I could hug her that tightly and not reach down and grab her ass. Anyway, it has been a while since we’ve done a post on hot Greek Maria Menounos booty. So I’m glad to report that it is still looking as glorious as ever! Good job sweetheart!

Maria Menounos Amassing Booty Curves

Maria Menounos booty

Here’s my Greek goddess Maria Menounos doing what she does best at last night’s Oceana Partners Award Gala,  busting out her bodacious super booty! And she’s looking like a supernova of hotness as well. No surprise there? But seriously, it’s all about the killer booty curves today, so  enjoy the view!

Maria Menounos Booty In Leather Pants

Maria Menounos booty in leather

Man, am I glad to see these pictures of Maria Menounos booty back on the Extra set, because it means I get to be reunited with two of my favorite things. And no, I’m not talking about Maria and Katherine Jenkins here, although I am a fan of the busty singer. Instead, the real fantasy I’m interested in thanks to these pictures involves me, Maria, and that amazing booty of hers. I’m telling you, the three of us could really make beautiful music together. And I guess Katherine could come too if she wants. Enjoy the view!

Maria Menounos Fills Out Her Dress Nicely

Maria Menounos cleavage at 65th Annual Emmy Awards

As always, Extra’s Maria Menounos was one of the hottest on the red carpet as she chatted up celebs on the red carpet at the 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. I case you were too busy to see it win at the Emmys, here’s what you missed: a whole lot of celebrity cleavage. But don’t worry, I’ve got the highlights covered for you, like Maria Menounos cleavage here. I don’t think she won anything, or was even up for an award, but between that cleavage and perfect booty of hers, Maria still gets a standing ovation from me. Enjoy the view!

Maria Menounos Bodacious Booty

Maria Menounos booty in tight skirt

Bodacious Maria Menounos once again impressed us as she interviewed Zhang Ziyi on Extra TV at The Grove. All I can say is that Zhang Ziyi  was totally overshadowed by Maria’s overall hotness, drop dead sexy curves, and of course, her bootylicious booty. Actually, Maria Menounos booty alone is stealing the show. As always. But like I said, Zhang is looking as cute as ever, so let’s just enjoy the whole party, eh? Enjoy the view!