LeAnn Rimes Bikini Butt Crack

LeAnn Rimes butt crack

Here’s LeAnn Rimes showing off her awesome bikini body with slight booty crack while vacationing in Hawaii this past weekend, and even though I know that the majority of you guys and gals can’t stand this girl, you have to admit that she has one hell of a sexy little body in a tiny bikini, so I went ahead and posted a ton of photos. So enjoy, and make sure you only stare at her from the neck down and you’ll be ok.

LeAnn Rimes Bikini Booty Hotness

LeAnn Rimes bikini

For a woman with such an amazing bikini body, LeAnn Rimes is really got one of the ugliest faces in the business. Although to be honest, I don’t know what that business is anymore, all she seems to do is hang out in her bikinis. Not that I care, I’m all for pictures of a chick with an amazing body getting half naked. Especially if she’s going to keep her face out of the shot…Enjoy this LeAnn Rimes bikini gallery.

LeAnn Rimes Braless Cleavage

LeAnn Rimes isn’t exactly one of the world’s most beautiful women, she’s actually kind of weird looking, but now that she’s got those fake breasts and doesn’t seem to like eating a whole lot, she’s got one hell of a body on her. Some might say it’s a little too skinny, personally I like a little more meat on the bones, but fake breasts make everything alright. Anyhow, here she is dressed in her sexy dress at some event yesterday and looking pretty damn good while showing us her amazing braless cleavage. Good work…

LeAnn Rimes Birthday Bikini Pictures

I had already a lot of LeAnn Rimes bikini pictures on the site, but I just can not resist not to post more, especially because she is showing more skin, ass and her improved rack now more than ever while spends much of her time these days along the beaches of the world. Here she is hanging out in her little red bikini and flashing off sideboob and tons of skin on display during her 29th birthday celebration. This woman confounds me with her female body parts, and I’m not even sure they belong to her. Enjoy.

LeAnn Rimes Tight Bikini Body

Usually I don’t think that LeAnn Rimes is all that hot, at least I used to think that way until I saw these LeAnn Rimes bikini pictures. You may have noticed that I put her pictures on the site only when she is only half-naked. Here she is on the beach in her little red bikini showing off an amazing tight body. Awesome. Don’t get me wrong, her face is still kinda gross, but with those big sunglasses on an that sweet bikini ass who cares. So, sunglasses and little bikini are the winning combination for her but for all of us too. Somebody cover her in baby oil. Call me

LeAnn Rimes Hot In A Bikini

Here is LeAnn Rimes strutting her stuff on the beach in a tiny gold bikini while se while she spends her honeymoon with new husband Eddie Cibrian in Mexico. I don’t know if those LeAnn Rimes boobs are real or store bought but they are awesome. Not to mention, the rest of her body is A1. It’s obvious that she spends a lot time in the gym, but maybe it’s too much! She looks great, but she’d probably look even better if she eat a sandwich or two. Her face, well that’s a different story but with the glasses who’s really paying attention? All total, I am completely satisfied… Enjoy this LeAnn Rimes bikini gallery.

LeAnn Rimes Bikini Hotness

LeAnn Rimes name is not much known on this site, judging by the fact that these are the first pictures that I posted here from her. Here she is hanging out in her little bikinis and proving that Mexico is currently a great attraction for all the hottest celebrity bikini bodies. As I said already she is not very well known to me and the only thing I know is that she is singer and that she has one hot body there. Anyhow, despite the fact that she looks apsolutely damn hot in her bikini, she is engaged to Eddie Cibrian, so here she is celebrate her engagement and a pre-New Year’. Enjoy this LeAnn Rimes bikini gallery.