Kesha Shows Her Booty On Instagram

Kesha Instagram pictures

While Miley Cyrus has evolved to showing part of her nipple and her awkwardly tiny camel toe, Ke$ha sex must have realized that she’d need to knock the homeless man’s tongue out of her vagina and get back to doing ridiculous shit for attention. First up? She uploaded a bunch of “sexy” photos to her Instagram account, and I’m not going to lie. In the photos that don’t include her face, she actually looks pretty hot. Like this one of her ass with the phrase “High Fashion” and an arrow pointing at her butt crack. If I didn’t know that was Ke$ha, I would totally get thrown out of a strip club for trying to bounce a quarter into that. Enjoy the view!

Kesha Sex Tape Pictures

I’m not really up to date on the crappy popstar scene, but I’ve been doing this garbage for long enough that I know when a chick is not attractive and will never be attractive. But I got these Kesha leaked sex pictures with her mouth full of more than just rhymes and glitter… She is literally sucks in these Kesha sex tape pictures! Even it is not confirmed that the woman is Kesha, I will believe that it is, because I know that she is for some time in business and nobody pays attention to it. So she decided to test the proven recipe. Now I like that first picture, but for the other one I would give that man credit going down on a this girl who is  just rotten and I’m guessing she smells like patchouli oil or whatever scented hippie crystal she uses instead of deodorant. Anyway, I’m pretty excited to see these pictures, even though I find her disgusting but still desirable for celebrity sex tape gallery!

Kesha Complex Magazine

I think I already mentioned how this girl is irritating for me,but I got these pictures of Kesha in the latest edition of Complex magazine where she looks pretty normal for change.I hate this chick… I know she is gross, but shit she looks good in photo shoots! Its messing with my head….I mean I know that the folks at Complex magazine did their best that this girl do so at least a little hot, so they should be given at least a month free to enjoy the real hotties from my site….Photoshop was definitely made for her!

Kesha Topless Covered With Cum

Here is stolen pic of Kesha topless holding her tits and supposedly covered with cum on her.I wouldn’t be surprised if it is real, I would however be highly surprised if she bothered washing it off.She always looks like she has cum on her….It’s only too bad the dude didn’t leak pics of her showing something actually.Every time her name appears, is connected with something I really don’t want to know or see…What a trashy talentless whore!!!

Kesha Swimsuit Pictures

Here is hipster dufus popstars Kesha hanging out in a swimsuit having a little trouble containing her tits, which is always a treat….Damn my penis just got soft. Where are her hips and ass? Her face is a no can do. I normally go nuts over these whores who sing sex music… I mean pop music but just not this time…

Kesha Flashing Off Her Bare Ass

Here is Kesha chick for which I can say is one of those that upset me horribly with her songs and annoying computerized singing…Anyhow, here Kesha is flashing her bare ass getting into a cab the other day. It was just a matter of time before this day would come. I bet her publicist set up the whole thing. An ass is an ass so…. Enjoy.