Katy Perry Busts Out The Cleavage

Katy Perry boobs

Here’s Katy Perry at the Elle Style Awards being named Woman of the Year for some reason, and there must be something going around Hollywood, because she’s the latest hottie to chop off most of her hair. And I don’t know about you guys, but I am not a fan. Thankfully, she’s still got those amazing chesticles to distract me though, and I’ve found that as long as I keep my eyes between Katy’s shoulders and her stomach, I can make this new look work for me. Enjoy the view!

Katy Perry Busts Some Decent Cleavage

Katy Perry cleavage

In case you were too busy doing literally anything else to watch the Grammys, not to worry, because I’ve got the highlights for you guys today. And by highlights, I mean a recap of who caused the most pants fires, not who won the awards. And since Katy Perry is pretty much a lock to repeat in that category every year, here she is busting out at some post-Grammy party. Enjoy.

Katy Perry Busts For GQ Magazine

Katy Perry GQ magazine

Our buddies over at GQ magazine just sent over these eyeball-melting photos of Katy Perry Wallpaper looking like a drop dead sexy babe and busting out her bodacious super cleavage in their newest issue! All I have to say I’ll keep to myself … Actually, I’d only be talking to her cleavage and not you guys. So, Enjoy the view!

Katy Perry Bikini Top On Her Balcony

Katy Perry bikini top

Here’s Katy Perry doing what she does best on her hotel balcony in Miami, and that’s not singing… it’s busting out her bodacious super cleavage in a tiny bikini top! Say what you will about Katy Perry, but you can’t deny that she’s totally freaking awesome when she’s unleashing her ginormous cleavage. And hey, maybe some full bikini shots are just around the corner. Enjoy the view!

Katy Perry Cleavage Is Still Worth Attention

Katy Perry cleavage

Katy Perry may not be my favorite pop star, but credit where credit’s due: she always seems to be busting out of something. So here she is leaving the Shoreditch House in London this past weekend, and doing what she does best, no, not singing, and that’s busting out her bodacious super cleavage! Enjoy the view!

Katy Perry Sexy In Tights

Katy Perry tights

Here are some pictures of Katy Perry walking around in her workout gear…  Now that she is single, it’s nice to see that she’s getting her body back into shape. I hope this means that we will again have the opportunity to see her into the more challenging outfits which include a good view at big hipster Katy Perry boobs. Until then,  I would love to watch this beauty do some of the hot yoga I’ve been hearing about, obviously she’s gonna have to wear some booty shorts and a sports bra or something… I wouldn’t want her to overheat.

Katy Perry Bikini Boobs Are Amazing

Katy Perry often wears stupid outfits when performing on stage or walking red carpets, but when it comes to her beachwear, she definitely knows how to fill sexy little bikinis. I’ve been waiting a long time to see those things in a little swimsuit and these shots certainly don’t disappoint. Here she is showing off her massive breasts and amazing body while relaxing poolside down Miami. Enjoy this Katy Perry bikini gallery.

Katy Perry Drops Perky Cleavage

It seems that after the big premiere of her ‘I’m Full Of Myself’ movie, Katy Perry needed a night out with some friends to relax and I’m glad for that and these images will make clear why. Here she is showing off her perky hipster cleavage in a fancy dress. It looks like she’s got some tissue paperstuffed in there, what the hell? Is it possible that all these years I’ve been fooled into thinking that Katy Perry had massive breasts? No way…