Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 50th Anniversary Pictures

Ireland Baldwin 50th Anniversary of the SI Swimsuit Issue

Our buddies over at Sports Illustrated celebrated fifty years of the glorious Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue the other day, and a ton of out favorite supermodels showed up and showed off why they made it into the magazine! Marisa Miller, Tyra Banks, Chrissy Teigen, Petra Nemcova, just to name a few, dropped some serious sexiness at the shindig, and even some old favorites like Christie Brinkley as well. Wow, that is one smoking hot sixty year old! Anyways, out of all the babes who showed up, my future wife Ireland Baldwin stood out the most if you ask me. To put it more plainly, she stole the freaking show with a ridiculously sexy show of her own. Pretty damn impressive considering the attendees, eh? Alright, enjoy the sizzling photos, and make sure not to drool all over yourselves!

Katherine Webb Hotness Deserve More Attention

Katherine Webb hot

Here is Katherine Webb at Spike TV Guys Choice extending her 15 minutes of fame and doing a good job at it. If you do not recognize, it’s the chick from the reality show Splash. She has appeared several times in a sexy swimsuit, but she hurt herself early on and was booted off. Now I don’t know what she’s up to now, but I hope Katherine gets a new gig soon. Until then, I recommend that does send me some Katherine Webb nude shots. I do not pay but it definitely helps to stay in the spotlight.

Katherine Webb Bending Over

Katherine Webb splash

 Here’s overnight Katherine Webb hot babe in a sexy swimsuit filming for some new show called Splash!, which apparently features celebrities falling into the water “high diving.” The thing about looking at hot girls and then trying to write about it is that it’s damn hard. There’s only so many ways creative ways you can report it. Yes, Katherine Webb looks good in her bikini, most of you guys , including myself, would love to do naughty things to her. And yes, she looks spectacular bending over in short shorts. It’s simply. Anyway, I have yet to watch an episode, but if they keep providing us with booty shots like this, it’s gonna become my favorite celebrity high diving competition show of all-time.

Katherine Webb Sexy Swimsuit Pictures

Katherine Webb swimsuit

I never hear of Katherine Webb chick before, but after a short search I found out that she got famous all because an old guy creeped on her during a football game. Fascinating stuff . Here she is looking very sexy in her swimsuit filming for some new show called Splash! As you can see, now she’s got her very own post on my site, so you know she’s officially arrived. I want more.

The SI Models Celebrate

kate upton si swimsuit

What is better than sexy swimsuit model? The only thing better is twelve of them. Here’s a good half-dozen of this year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit models celebrating the new Swimsuit Issue at Caesars Palace in Vegas. There’s Kate Upton, Alyssa Miller, Cintia Dicker, Genevieve Morton, Jessica Gomes, Nina Agdal, Katherine Webb, Natasha Barnard, Anne Vyalitsyna, Irina Shayk, Kate Bock and Hannah Davis. Still, I don’t get why they had these girls hold up their pictures on the red carpet like some 10-year-old posing with their A+math test. Why not get them back in their bikinis to recreate the proud moment instead? Now that would be a real party.