Irina Shayk Hot In La Clover Lingerie

Irina Shayk La Clover

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten any lingerie photoshoots from Irina Shayk. And I’d kind of forgotten just how good she makes it look, which is pretty inexcusable for someone who makes his living drooling over pictures of hotties in their underwear. So if you don’t mind, I’m going to go spend the next 2-3 hours committing these pictures to memory, and I suggest you all do the same just in case we have to wait another few months for the next batch. Enjoy.

Irina Shayk Hotness On The Red Carpet

Irina Shayk at 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Seriously, just when we thought Miranda Kerr was the hottest woman cruising around the Oscars after party circuit, we saw pics of the always-stunning Irina Shayk. Granted she’s a total tease because she’s been dating Cristiano Ronaldo for God knows how long, but we got nothing but love Irina! Normally people don’t change things up between after parties, but Irina Shayk decided to turn up the heat as she went from Elton John’s party to the annual Vanity Fair party. Obviously both outfits look great on Irina, but the latter looks better when the cameras are flashing away. Enjoy the view!

Irina Shayk Leggy Selling Some Shoes

Irina Shayk hot

Here’s one of the sexiest babes on the entire freaking planet, supermodel Irina Shayk modeling the hell out of a whole bunch of shoes for the new XTI Spring/Summer 2014 ad campaign, and unleashing a ton of drool-inducing leg action.  And not only is she unleashing all of her ridiculously sexy/perfect stems, but she’s also unleashing her killer curves, and a whole lot more sexiness, so stop reading this and enjoy the view!

2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Pics


Here are some hot pics from the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. I wish I could post every picture of all models from this edition, but I chose the one that seemed to be the best, it was very hard work. I hope you’ll like this gallery. Enjoy the view of these hot models: Anastasia Ashley, Anne Vyalitsyna, Chanel Iman, Chrissy Teigen, Emily DiDonato, Emily Ratajkowski, Genevieve Morton, Gigi Hadid, Hannah Davis, Hannah Ferguson, Irina Shayk, Lauren Mellor, Lily Aldridge, Natasha Barnard, Nina Agdal, Samantha Hoopes, Sara Sampaio and Valerie Van Der Graaf.

Irina Shayk Wet See Through Lingerie

Irina Shayk lingerie

Here is ridiculously hot Irina Shayk with just a little bit more passion inducing giving us some hot wet and see-through madness in her new Sebastian Faena photoshoot for V magazine. Irina has the body built just for this kind of moist visual play, I can’t think of one finer. Damn! Irina Shayk topless is just oozing sextastic out of each and every pore. I only wish these pictures were scratch and sniff. Enjoy the view!

Irina Shayk Hot Beach Bunny Swimwear Shoot

Irina Shayk Beach Bunny Swimwear

Here’s one of the sexiest babes on the entire freaking planet Irina Shayk  modeling the hell out of skimpy little bikinis and swimsuits for the new Beach Bunny Swimwear campaign, and looking insanely sexy and bootylicious while doing so. Hands down some of Irina’s sexiest photos to date, eh? And that’s saying something! Alright, enjoy the sizzling photos and try not to drool all over yourselves!

Awesome Irina Shayk Booty In Leggings

Irina Shayk booty leggings

You know I’m the biggest fan of celebrities in leggings. I love them so much that it has become a fetish of mine. But, after seeing these pictures of Irina Shayk booty in pair of skin tight spandex I realized that it look best on supermodels. I know I always say that a girl as hot as Irina should wear nothing but lingerie and bikinis all day, but after seeing these pictures, I’d like to officially amend that list. From now on, it should also include skintight spandex. Enjoy.

Irina Shayk Sexy Workout Outfit

Irina Shayk sports bra

Here is Irina Shayk looking ridiculously hot while going for a walk in short shorts and sports bra. In fact, she looks so good she’s inspiring me to work out myself. So, let this be a lesson toVanessa Hudgens and all the other young hotties out there: this is how you’re supposed to dress leaving the gym. How else are we going to appreciate all your hard work? Enjoy.