Bridget Marquardt At Playboy Party

Leave it to a Playboy chick to find just the right thing to wear to a party. Obviously Playboy had a party over the weekend and luckily Bridget Marquart and her breasts got an invite. Here she is showing off that impressive cleavage in some sort of weird western hooker costume. I kind of like it. Enjoy

Bridget Marquardt Bikini Pictures

Here is former Girl Next Door Bridget Marquardt hanging out in her little pink bikini and high heels for some photo shoot in LA. Although it look she had some face work done and her once upon a perfect body is a bit flabby now, she still somehow looks very sexy. Yet she was one of the hottest chick in world, so it’s nice to see some new pictures of her out there showing off her stuff. Enjoy this Bridget Marquardt hot gallery.

Bridget Marquardt Strips Down And Looks Hot

Here is former playboy hottie Bridget Marquardt strips down to her bikini for a snow day at Azure Luxury Pool in Las Vegas.I don’t know why I’m always devoted the least attention of all former playboy chicks.Perhaps because she is not so slutty as Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson,but she definitely is no less hot.Enjoy

Bridget Marquardt In Hot Swimsuit

Bridget Marquardt swimsuit
Hefner’s ex girlfriend, like she was every his fucking girlfriend, or anything but a shitty publicity stunt that spunoff into a TV show and tons of media attraction, does some show that involves her being in a bikini, or variation of a bikini, traveling the world rating beaches and pulling stupid stunts on the beach to make the shit more interesting to watch, because this concept is played the fuck out and frustrating. It’s like while all of us assholes sit in our shitty homes, listening to our disgusting pig wives chew their fuckin’ potato chips, pretty much hearing her heart struggle for breathe as she suffocates it with grease, watching this shit, imgagining how great life would be if only we could pay off that credit card debt and grab a few tickets to travel the fucking world, she’s the one living in luxury, getting paid big money, filming this shit while dancing around in a bikini all day, and that is just unfair enough for me to hate it.