Amanda Seyfried Sexy See Through Cleavage

Amanda Seyfried cleavage

It feels like it’s been forever since we’ve seen Amanda Seyfried and that’s too bad, because I’ve always liked her. Well, at least her nice sweater mounds anyway. Here are some pictures of Amanda at last night’s premiere of her new movie A Million Ways To Die In The West looking like a sexy little minx and showing off her sexy see through cleavage. I’ve always been a fan of Amanda Seyfried, even if she keeps those great funbags of hers hidden way too much for my liking. But lucky for us, she’s still willing to bring them out for special occasions, like this. Enjoy.

Amanda Seyfried Hot For W magazine

Amanda Seyfried W magazine

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Amanda Seyfried and that’s too bad, because I’ve always liked her. Well, at least her nice sweater mounds anyway. But the good news is she’s got a spread in the April issue of W Magazine and better yet, they got her in lingerie. And since you guys know I’ve got a sixth sense about these things, I’m thinking this could be the beginning of a major hotness comeback for Amanda.

Amanda Seyfried Drops Some Sweet Cleavage

I’ve been waiting a long time for this moment, I’ve had to sit through piles and piles of pictures of Amanda Seyfried walking her dog in stupid sweatpants and giant sweaters and all kinds of other crappy outfits, but finally it’s paid off. Here are some pictures of Amanda Seyfried hot babe dropping some sweet cleavage at last night world premiere of “Les Miserables”. For a girl who usually keeps her cleavage hidden, this is a pretty rare occasion, like a solar eclipse… Enjoy.

Amanda Seyfried Cleavy In Red Hot Dress

I haven’t seen Amanda Seyfried in a while, but I thought I remembered her boobs being way bigger than this. She always wearing silly outfits that hide her secret big boobs, so it’s hard to tell. I’m hoping it’s just an optical illusion from the dress. Anyhow, here she is showing off her sweet cleavage in hot red dress at last night’s 16th Annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala in Beverly Hills.

Amanda Seyfried Hot Booty In Spandex

I like Amanda Seyfried, she’s hot, but I only ever get shots of her in sexy outfits once in a blue moon. It’s kind of annoying. Here she is out walking her dog again in a tank top and sexy spandex pants. I’m pretty sure this is exactly what the guy had in mind when he invented spandex… A perfect little booty. Well done. Next time I want a good look at those secret big breasts of hers…

Amanda Seyfried Sexy On The Set

So I was a little excited when I heard that Amanda Seyfried was chosen to play a pornstar in some up coming movie, I was hoping it was a biopic on Jenna Jameson, but when I found out she was playing 70′s pornstar Linda Lovelace I wasn’t all that impressed. Here she is on set looking a little too authentic for my taste. Do you think she’s got a giant 70′s bush under there just to be authentic? Gross. Maybe it’s a pubic toupee. I wonder if we’ll see her boobs.

Amanda Seyfried Booty In Leggings

It’s pretty clear that Amanda Seyfried reads my site, so she decided to gives me another view of her lovely little booty in some tight leggings. This was my plan all along, wait it out, and eventually I’d get a shot of either her nice big secret breasts or her even better… This. Good girl.

Amanda Seyfried Hot Booty

I’m excited that I’ve finally got some quality shots of Amanda Seyfried doing something other than walking her dog in a sweatshirt. She’s got a cute dog and all, but this is much better. As you can see in the pictures does not have a dog, but there is a good view of her cute little booty while she bends over. I love it. We all know that she has a beautiful body, which is unfortunately very often hidden, but hopefully this will encourage her to show it more often. Hot stuff. Now, shows us your boobs…