Paris Hilton Bent Over In See Thru Pants

Ok we realized that the only thing Paris Hilton, her sister and mother have to do is shopping.So,this is another gallery of such pictures…Billionaire Barbie spends money on her slutty clothes!!!

But you already know that things about Paris Hilton actually does not go so easily and without any scandals.At one point Paris Hilton suddenly dropped the rabbit and bent over to retrieve it and thus showed his see through pants.Which barely covered Paris Hilton ass, revealing a well-heeled globe of a bottom, a bottom that’s been spanked by many a Billioniare Ken doll in its time, but still holds up now approaching the end of its third decade.

I must say that I somehow love this woman, she is simply a very slutty and very daring.I love that she does not care for the rest of the world which hates her.Maybe she really just stupid spoiled slutty girl but to me she seems actually the best thing in the business.Enjoy

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