Megan Fox Almost SeeThru


Beautiful Megan Fox leaving Ken Paves Salon but but instead of looking better after beauty salon, this is probably worst edition of  Megan ever. You have o agree that its still better then most girls look after any beauty treatment, but this is Megan Fox! And why is she wearing a bra under that see through T-shirt!! Those stylists should make something useful with that bra, anything but letting her go out with it. And they call themselves stylist!

Lindsay Lohan Smoking Paparazzi Shots

Lindsay Lohan smoking outside looks so hot and nasty. Although I believe that hooker boots that does the trick in these paparazzi shots. I’d like to suck on those long legs it would keep me going for few days, I know they’re bad for my health but I just can’t help myself, they’ve got me in their grips. I would like to end up all oiled up and try to escape from that grip one day. That kind of thing normally costs me about $500/hour.