Lindsay Lohan Shopping in Hollyweird

Lindsay Lohan paparazzi

I was apparently boozing and not thinking of Lindsay Lohan: “In answer to media interrogations, [the] Beverly Hills Police section is positive a warrant was in truth brought out today for the arrest of Lindsay Lohan . The $50,000 warrant brought out by the Beverly Hills Superior Court stalks by May 2007 arrest of Miss Lohan for DUI and hit-and-run. The conditions ahead to the issuance of the warrant by the court are not promptly accessible at this time. It’s our desire that Miss Lohan will surrender herself and so that this affair will be concluded in a well timed fashion.”Appears like it’s “here we go again” for those of us with sharp, awful memories of high-velocity tracks through LA, noisy blow parties and the two forms of justice in U.S.A.: Convention justice and Celeb Justice. As an good example, this warrent was issued, then Lindsay Lohan went shopping!

Shauna Sand In Giand Sexy Boots

Shauna Sand boots
The most beautifulest creature blonde babe Sexy Shauna Sand, inspected a shoe orphanage on Melrose and afforded some destitute shoes a cause to go on. When Shauna slid her precious feet in them, rainbow showered from the sky for them. They were born-again! As a matter of fact, those boots were a pair of stale, dusty, bust UGGS !  At once they are fit to a queen! Specifically, a queen who hosts bingo once a calendar week at Hamburger Mary’s.