Shauna Sand In Giand Sexy Boots

Shauna Sand boots
The most beautifulest creature blonde babe Sexy Shauna Sand, inspected a shoe orphanage on Melrose and afforded some destitute shoes a cause to go on. When Shauna slid her precious feet in them, rainbow showered from the sky for them. They were born-again! As a matter of fact, those boots were a pair of stale, dusty, bust UGGS !  At once they are fit to a queen! Specifically, a queen who hosts bingo once a calendar week at Hamburger Mary’s.

Rose McGowan Sexy Cleavage

Rose McGowan hot
Celebrity actress Rose McGowan at the beginning of the Broadway show “33 Variations” looking one of her sexyest, ahem, variations. Really, we didn’t see her look this sexy for a long time, but it appears like she still has some of that old McGowan horniness left in the tank. And she can still come up with impressive cleavage. Way to go Busty Rose!