Tila Tequila Is Red Hot

We don’t see as much of Tila Tequila as we used to, I guess she’s finally sobered up, but that doesn’t mean that her nice fake breasts aren’t out there breaking hearts. Here she is all dolled up at someevent looking pretty respectful actually. As respectful as you can with giant stripper breasts falling out of your dress. I like it. I have a friend getting married soon, I wonder if she’ll be my plus one.

Tila Tequila Rides The Sybian

What could possibly be better on a Saturday afternoon than some pictures of an attention seeking asian hottie riding the Sybian. Here is Tila Tequila on HTVOD showing off her big fake tits while masturbating for us. You have to admit that she trying so hard, so all my attention is on her. Now, the only thing missing from her new porn was a man… call me next time! Enjoy

Tila Tequila Gets Sexy Again

My favorite attention whore Asian Tia Tequila has been to hide from me somewhere, but in the end I always manage to find her. Here she is looking amazingly sexy while flashing off her nice legs and little of her naughty asses outside the Sirius Radio studios before an appearance on Howard Stern. I just love this girl. She has such beautiful legs and memorable big fake boobs on her. Tila Tequila actually is not a girl you would take home to mother, but she is damn good for at least one night. Enjoy

Tila Tequila Busts Out Tits Legs And Booty

I really don’t know how long I haven’t seen my favorite asian chick Tila Tequila and I have to admin that I miss my girl very much. I have no idea where she’s been hiding, but here are some pictures of her wearing some trashy little outfit with her big fake boobs and little whore ass hanging out. I love just love those crazy legs and boobs and whatever she’s been up to it’s working. Thank you Tila, thank you.

Tila Tequila Busts Out Fake Cleavage

It’s been a while since I’ve seen my favorite attention whore and boobastic Asian chick Tila Tequila, so I’m kind of glad that I got these pictures of her and her little body stuffed in a nice little low cut dress at some event where she was invited. I don’t know what that is or why Tila Tequila would be invited, but I am very grateful to someone whose idea was this, because here she is busting some serious cleavage. I just absolutely love this chicks body and her half exposed big fake breasts on the red carpet! Enjoy

Tila Tequila Nipples Hit The Town

Much time has passed since I last time saw Tila Tequila, I don’t know where she been or what she did until now, all I know is that she’s back now right on my site. Here she is out somewhere, seems pretty excited as she saw the paparazzi. Oh, I know that my girl just loves attention, so that in addition to her little Asian eyes that shine in front of the camera, perfect ass and legs in sexy tight skirt, and Tila Tequila nipples so chill that hit the city directly in the center….Enjoy