Shauna Sand Big Boobs In A Bikini

Here are more Shauna Sand bikini pictures.I don’t normally like to post pictures of Shauna Sand because I can not stand her…But fake blond hair, big fake boobs and a tiny little body are three of my favorites — so when she brought along her even sluttier looking friend for a day at the beach in their bikinis I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Besides, she’s wearing giant sunglasses that cover up her busted old face so who really gives a crap. Enjoy.

Shauna Sand Bikini Pictures

Has this chick ever done anything other then hang out at the beach in a bikini or done a sex tape?!Here is Shauna Sand in her little bikini on the beach with some douche.Fortunately on each picture has glasses so that you can not see her rotten face…I hate Shauna Sand and her cheap plastic surgery,all I like on her are big fake boobs.

Shauna Sand The 2010 AVN Awards Pictures

Shauna Sand
Here is Shauna Sand present an award during the 27th annual Adult Video News Awards Show with Kelli McCarty and Erik Everhard…I was a fan of  Shauna Sand original playboy pictorial,but now she’s just a nasty, sad, plastic and too bad.I think the porn industry is suffering, due to all the tube sites and there’s minimal work for actresses, so they end up escorting. Anyway, I’m a little bitter but porn chicks aren’t what they used to be. Most of these girls look like circus freaks.

Shauna Sand Sex Tape

Today, TMZ is reporting that Vivid (the porn guys – as if you didn’t know) are releasing a Shauna Sand sex tape, but that Shauna is sicking her lawyers on the company claiming that Vivid doesn’t have her permission to release the tape, which she admits is actually just one of many celeb sex tapes she has made with her current boyfriend. Download full Shauna Scandal Sex Video For under $1USD NOW, Just Click Here!

Shauna Sand Creamed

Shauna Sand creamed
Here’s Shauna Sand and her disgusting old catchers mitt of a friend launching her ‘Shauna Stiletto’ shake at Millions of Milkshakes in West Hollywood the other day. The only thing I want to see Shauna shake are her big old titties, preferably while wearing a mask and covering herself in whatever flavor milkshake tickles her fancy.

Shauna Sand In Giand Sexy Boots

Shauna Sand boots
The most beautifulest creature blonde babe Sexy Shauna Sand, inspected a shoe orphanage on Melrose and afforded some destitute shoes a cause to go on. When Shauna slid her precious feet in them, rainbow showered from the sky for them. They were born-again! As a matter of fact, those boots were a pair of stale, dusty, bust UGGS !  At once they are fit to a queen! Specifically, a queen who hosts bingo once a calendar week at Hamburger Mary’s.