Selena Gomez Sex Tape

Justin Bieber recently twitted that he had his camera and laptop containing personal footage stolen from his dressing room. Many speculated that this “personal footage” could in fact be a Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez sex tape video. Now the video below has been released to the Internet and it was removed after only two hours, but we did manage to download it and place it in our secured members are so you can download full video for $1USD only just CLICK HERE!
selena gomez sex tape

After watching this video it appears to me that it really show Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez having sex, but i also see a lot of speculations on celebrity forums that its not them at all… so the question still remains is this in fact the long anticipated first Selena Gomez sex tape? Watch the video and judge for yourself…

Selena Gomez Sexy Legs

Selena Gomez leggy

Ever since Selena Gomez broke up with Justin Bieber, she has been heading out in public showing off her hot little body. But although I had a lot of pictures of Selena Gomez on the site but I have to admit that I have never really took notice of her legs, but they look mighty delicious. Here is Selena Gomez sexy covering her face with with glasses and big hats. It’s a good thing I couldn’t care less of her face, because those legs are so sexy that all I want now is wrap them around my neck. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez Pumps It Good

Selena Gomez hot

Is it weird that I like watching hot chicks pump gas? I didn’t think so. Here’s Selena Gomez pumping it at the gas station the other day. And if you dig young girls pumping gas wearing a long shirt and knee high boots as I do, you will love these pictures of newly Selena Gomez single. I especially like the heart shape glasses. Enjoy the photos…

Selena Gomez Rocks A Tight Leggings

Here are some pictures of Selena Gomez hot babe doing her best yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles, and that’s does not look like a teenager and not being with Justin Beiber. Here she is out rocking a tight pair of leggings and playing with her phone and looking just simply fine. And seriously, she looks way freaking hotter without uber doorknob Beiber around. Alright, enough blabbing, enjoy the photos!

Selena Gomez Sexy At The Unicef Snowflake Ball

Here are some nice pictures of Selena Gomez looking pretty damn good at the last night’s 2012 Unicef Snowflake Ball and I’m not just saying that because Justin Bieber isn’t anywhere near her… Now this is more what I like, she is dreesing like an adult lady and not like a teenager. Next time, I expect nothing less than a pair of daisy dukes and a see-through shirt. And if she really wants to make Justin jealous, maybe even Selena Gomez nude Twitter photo from the bed of certain celebrity blogger. Call me.

Selena Gomez Is A Cute Teenager

I know that Selena Gomez hot is twenty years old now, but come on, she still looks like she’s a thirteen year old and this definitely was not the direction I was hoping she was going to go in after she finally broke up with that teenage girl she was dating. I was expecting drunken nights out, showing lots of skin, maybe even a booty call to a certain celebrity blogger, not dressing up like she’s starting her first day of high-school. I don’t like it.

Selena Gomez See Through Cleavage

Here is newly single and sexy young lady Selena Gomez busting out sexy curves and sweet cleavage in see through dress at last night’s “2012 GLAMOUR Women OfThe Year Awards”. Take that Justin Bieber! Thank the lord above that we’re not going to have to endure the pain of seeing Bieber’s crummy arms around this sexy little peach anymore.

Sexy Celebrity Halloween Pics

As I thought Halloween night was crazy like every year and our celebrity babes were busy little bodies the last couple of days with Halloween parties and such, and they were all nice enough to tweet their Halloween hotness for our drooling pleasure. So here are the photos that caught my attention in the last couple of days. Here are Ashley Tisdale, Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian, The Saturdays, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Christina Milian, Miley Cyrus, Kelly Kelly, Avril Lavigne, Audrina Patridge, Stella Hudgens, Maria Kanellis, and Paulina Gretzky as sexy cop being the clear winner… Which one is your favorite?