Paris Hilton Leather Bikini For Coachella

Paris Hilton Coachella

I guess I’d make a pretty crappy hipster, and not just because I wear my sweatpants un-ironically. See, I didn’t realize Coachella was still going on this weekend, but apparently it is, because here’s Paris Hilton doing her best attempt to stay relevant by showing up to the music fest in some kind of leather bikini. Anyway, I’d make fun, but you know what, it’s actually working for me. I’ve never been the biggest Paris fan, but this has always been her best look as far as I’m concerned. No, not the bikini. I meant half-naked and attention-seeking. It’s the perfect combination. Enjoy the view!

Paris Hilton See Through Bra For V Magazine

Paris Hilton V Magazine

Now that she’s not famous anymore, I don’t do too many posts on Paris Hilton these days. But then I saw this shoot she did for the March issue of V Magazine and believe it or not, but it’s surprisingly decent. Well, as long as you don’t count that booty shot. Because even though Paris will always be my favorite porn star, she’s got even less meat in that department than she does in the front. Don’t get me wrong though, I’d still be willing to take a bite – after taking all the proper precautions, of course — but it’d probably end up being more of a nibble. Enjoy the view!

Paris Hilton Oops Flashes Her Upskirt

Paris Hilton shaved pussy

Here is hot Bilionare barbie Paris Hilton flashing her shawed pussy while celebrating her 33rd birthday at the the Greystone Manor in West Hollywood over the weekend. Ok, it’s her party and she can cry if she want to. Or, you know, skip her underpants and winn the red carpet by wearing a high slit dress without the appearance of any panties. Good girl! Enjoy the view!

Paris Hilton Nipple Pokies In Leather Dress

Paris Hilton nipple pokies

I always said that she has no talent, but I have to admit that I was wrong. After seeing these pictures of her I’m sure I was wrong. Because it takes an awful lot of talent to come down with a case of nippleitis through leather. Anyway, here she is at something called the Leather & Laces party, showing Paris Hilton nipples and some DJ skills. I think that’s her current profession at least. Billionaire Barbie does change occupations as fast as they can change her outfits sewn and packaging. But, bless her, she always looks like she’s having fun. And she almost always looks like a million, err, a billion bucks. Enjoy the view!

Paris Hilton Rocks Sheer Dress

Paris Hilton see through

I try not to do too many posts on Paris Hilton any more, since she’s pretty much irrelevant these days, but it’s kind of hard to ignore her when she’s dressed like this. What can I say? I’m powerless against dresses that show this much skin, and Paris’ body was never the issue for me. Anyway, here she is at some pre-Grammy party hosted by P Diddy, so go ahead and enjoy my lack of willpower.

Paris Hilton As Miley Cyrus For Halloween

Paris Hilton as Miley Cyrus

Paris Hilton dressed up as Miley Cyrus for Halloween as she hit up Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion Halloween Party. She made sure to be the first to wear a Miley Cyrus costume. Paris decided to stick her tongue out like Miley too. I was actually going to head out this year to a few Halloween parties that I was invited to because I knew that Miley was going to be the most popular costume of the year. Hopefully, in the next few days there will be a hot celebrity that will wear her Wrecking Ball outfit. Fingers crossed!

Paris Hilton Busts Some Pumpkin Patch Cleavage

Paris Hilton cleavage at Pumpkin Patch

Here is Billionaire Barbie Paris Hilton busting out some decent cleavage at the Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in L.A. , place where the celebrities go to be photographed with their young families picking out Halloween gourds each year. Paris Hilton got into something expensive and cleavy and made her way to the patch to pick out some pumpkins, flash a little chest, and smile for the cameras while pretending she didn’t notice anybody was looking. In case you’re unaware, she’s very good at this particular skill. Enjoy the view!